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The new team companions in the German paintball league
Monday October 18, 2021


In the penultimate issue (02/2021) we already reported on the numerous planned changes in the DPL. A topic that the DPL considers particularly important is the more personal support of the players on the fields, as well as the communication with potential interested parties for the tournament sport. This should particularly benefit the recruitment of young people. Many new players come into contact with the topic of tournament sports on the fields when they watch training or league operations, but the inhibitions to become active themselves are sometimes very high. The DPL would like to remove this hurdle with the newly created position of team companion and install fixed contacts on site on the fields for interested newcomers, hobby and leisure paintballers.

The first half of the 2021/2022 DPL season was already over when this issue was published, but that doesn't mean that tournament sport isn't active at the moment. As a rule, the teams go on a short creative break, but with a view to the start of the second half of the season at the beginning of April next year, many are already working on their preparation plans. The German Paintball League is also not idle in the so-called off-season and uses this time to inspire interested players for tournament sports. – But where can I get my information as a paintball player with a passion for tournament sports? How do I create a team and register for the league?

These are just a few of the many questions that players new to tournament play have to deal with. In the past, the field operators were usually responsible for this and took the interested young players under their wing. Unfortunately, the field operators mostly have other things to do today. The day-to-day business with rentals and hiring operations, staff management and of course numerous organizational activities in the background. Unfortunately, there is simply no more time to answer questions from potential young players. The situation is similar for most tournament teams. These are usually already busy enough with the training of their own teams and players. Of course you can also join one of these teams, but experience shows that many players, who are made up of groups of three to five people, for example, would like to set up a team themselves and would like to go into paintball tournaments together as friends. This is exactly where the new team companions of the DPL come into play. They are official representatives of the league on the field. You can recognize them by their DPL outfit. These guys and gals are only there for you as a newcomer, so don't hesitate and just talk to them. Their task is not only to make it easier for you to get started in paintball tournament sports, but also to answer all your questions about DPL. They help with registering for the league and, if requested, also provide lots of helpful tips for the first season and training. So that you know who your DPL team companion is on site, we would like to introduce them to you personally today.

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