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The new Shocker AMP in the product test
Monday June 28, 2021

The new SHOCKER AMP from GoG.

The US manufacturer SP is one of the oldest paintball marker manufacturers in the world. With over 25 years of experience and numerous top models, the bar for new products from this brand is more than high. After the popular Shocker has been relaunched twice for several years with the RSX and XLS models, the third version of the Shocker series now follows with the brand new Shocker AMP. As usual, Shocker Paintball has again incorporated numerous improvements in its latest marker model and further developed the proven Shocker model a good deal. We took a close look at the new Shocker AMP for you and tell you what the hottest newcomer of the high-end marker models under 1,000 euros can do.

Even before the new model called AMP was released, the Shocker was one of the lightest and most compact high-end paintball markers in the world. The SP flagship of the upper middle class was characterized by its good workmanship, the low working pressure and of course the elegant design. End of the flagpole? – Not for Shocker Paintball. So it was decided to reinvent the shocker from scratch. No stone was left unturned and no solution from the past, no matter how good, was not put to the test and critically questioned in detail. It is precisely for this reason that SP ultimately managed not just to throw a facelift model onto the market, but to develop a completely new model with numerous innovative improvements with the new Shocker AMP. First things first, the attractive, slim design has been retained. Shocker fans can therefore rely on the familiar look and feel that they are already familiar with from the previous models. But now we finally want to come to the eagerly awaited innovations.

The new dual-board system of the Shocker AMP not only makes maintenance easier, but also minimizes the risk of damage when disassembling the marker. The part of the board that is responsible for the laser eyes for ball recognition has been moved up into the marker body and the rest of the board into the grip. Seen in this way, the Shocker AMP has a two-part board in which the respective areas take on different tasks. They are connected via printed circuit boards that create a rigid connection. They connect the moment the handle is mounted on the body.

E-pneumat or mechanical gun, the Shocker AMP can do both.

SP, which no longer stands for Smart Parts, but for Shocker Paintball, has come up with a new concept for the AMP that can now be converted even more easily and with just a few simple steps from a fully-fledged E-pneumatic to a mechanical marker. The Shocker AMP is intended to serve the old school and mechanical market, which is becoming increasingly popular in the USA. In the USA, playing with mechanical paintball markers, which shoot much more slowly than modern electric pneumatics, is on the rise again. Back to basic is the order of the day here and many young players, but also numerous old hands, jump on this train with a lot of fun. So if you plan to take part in a good old mechanical tournament, you are well equipped with the Shocker AMP and can enjoy mechanical trigger behavior with the high shooting performance of a Shocker E-Pneumat.

The new grip frame of the Shocker AMP has not only become easier to maintain, but can now be removed from the marker body with a single screw. For this, SP has come up with a simple but very effective plug-in system. With this system, the front of the grip is held at the top of the body and then only has to be fixed with a single screw at the back under the body. Another step towards maintenance-friendly marker handling.

The bolt has been completely redesigned! Not only the design is new, but also the name. The good piece is now called Twist-Lock-Bolt and can be loosened with a simple turn of the locking cap, which is located at the back of the marker body. After a short turn to the side, the entire bolt system can then be pulled backwards out of the housing. Of course, all this is done toolless, i.e. without tools. The bolt has not only changed visually, the performance data speak for themselves. Shocker Paintball has managed to get around 20% more power out of the new bolt system. Shocker players know that the previous models were very quiet and used extremely little air. The AMP sets new standards here. The reduced air consumption is also accompanied by a gentler "kick" (recoil) from the marker and it is also gentler on the paint at the same time. Inside the bolt system, the working pressure has been reduced from 160 PSI (value of the Shocker XLS) to just 110 PSI. This corresponds to a little more than 7 bar and is therefore absolutely in the upper league in the area of the currently available high-end paintball marker models. You can use the Shocker AMP to shoot any paint, no matter how brittle. A massive advantage in tournament sports, where it is precisely such details that count.

The new toolless solenoid is another improvement the manufacturer has come up with. So far, the solenoid valves (solenoids) were usually screwed to the marker body. SP has also thrown this principle overboard for its Shocker AMP and replaced it with a quick-change system with a metal clamp. The solenoid can now be removed in two easy steps for cleaning or to convert to mechanical operation. To do this, you first simply loosen the connector on the solenoid and then move the metal clip backwards. You can already take the solos out of their setting. This principle is as simple as it is ingenious.

For those who still haven't had enough, we would like to mention a few more changes at this point. This includes, among other things, a newly designed grip, a new front regulator cover which, thanks to rubber material and improved geometry, should enable even better handling and revised bad weather protection in the form of a sealing lip in the grip shells, which ensures that even with Rain and mud can no longer penetrate moisture into the interior of the marker. With the AMP, Shocker fans don't have to do without the tried-and-tested standard features such as the integrated GoG Freak XL barrel system, the high-quality hard-shell marker case with a carbon look and the extensive accessories and maintenance set. Shocker Paintball has once again rounded off the package and provides you with a really successful marker model with everything that goes with it at a current price of around 920 euros.

So you see, the AMP still looks like a normal Shocker from the outside, but it doesn't really have much in common with the previous models of the past few years. For us it is definitely one of the product highlights of this still young season and an interesting alternative for all tournament athletes out there who would like to switch to a new marker model with the latest performance data. The new Shocker AMP is now commercially available. We wish you a lot of fun with it.

An interesting software update has already been released for the Shocker AMP. This is also available in German and improves the response behavior of the laser eyes and battery consumption. You can download the update directly from the manufacturer's website.

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