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The new RAP4 / MCS Box Drive Magazine
Thursday April 25, 2019

The new box magazine for every MagFed paintball marker

The US manufacturer Modern Combat Sports, better known as MCS or from earlier days as RAP4, has presented a new boxing magazine. The whole thing runs under the product name Box Drive Magazine and will be available for almost every common MagFed paintball marker.

That's what the new RAP4 Box Drive Magazine can do

In principle, the new Box Mag from MCS works like any other. It is a large box with a motor and a capacity of around 150 paintballs. The manufacturer's specification says 140-150 shots, depending on the model and ammunition size used.

The magazine uses a motor to transport the paintballs from below into the marker. It should be noted that the Box Drive Mag only delivers approx. 10-15 balls at a time and you then have to shake it gently to ensure that the balls are in the right place and can be reloaded properly. The manufacturer justifies this feature by saying that the magazine should be designed for shooting on the move. If you're on the move, you're constantly "shaking" the magazine anyway and can practically work with continuous fire. However, whether this solution meets all the demands of the players will have to be clarified later in practice. Unfortunately, we are still skeptical at this point.

Tippmann TMC Box Magazin – Now new

The RAP4 Box Drive Magazine will also be available for the currently most popular MagFed paintball marker, the Tippmann TMC. This means that the TMC has finally risen to the field of the most versatile and at the same time inexpensive entry-level markers. The number of Tippmann TMC fans is guaranteed to continue to increase thanks to this great accessory. Clearly one of the most interesting options for us.

RAP4 box magazine for the First Strike T15

The new Box Drive Magazine from MCS will also be available for the FS T15. Although First Strike has been working on a box magazine variant for years, it hasn't really come onto the market with it yet. RAP4 is now temporarily filling this gap with its Box Drive Magazine. Small disadvantage of the RAP4 version: It only works with normal, round paintballs. However, the First Strike box magazine version should later also be usable with First Strike ammunition. We are curious how the planned solution will work.

Another box magazine for the Dye DAM – An inexpensive alternative?

There will also be a RAP4 box magazine for the well-known Dye DAM. Since Dye has successfully had its own model on offer for years, it remains to be seen whether this product will really find its place. Although the Dye model is significantly more expensive at around €380 than the RAP4 version at just under €240, Dye also has a much more proven and valuable product. The Dye box magazine is based on the reliable technology of the Dye Rotor Hopper – probably the best paintball loader on the market. Whether the RAP4 development can keep up is questionable at this point. However, due to the large price difference, it will certainly be an option for bargain hunters.

For which paintball markers is there a box magazine? – The other models

Of course, the above paintball marker models are far from over. RAP4 also offers its new box drive magazine for the in-house model RAP4 468 as well as the MagFed marker models of the Maxtact TGROne and TGR2 series.

A box magazine has also been announced for the Milsig M17. This is an interesting addition, as the in-house Milsig Temprest Drum Mag only fits the PMC and SMG model variants of the M17. These have a narrower magazine shaft and therefore only fit pistol magazines.

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