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The new Paintball Sports Magazine
Wednesday January 2, 2019

Paintball Sports Magazine – Your paintball magazine

It is there…!!! Paintball Sports' first own customer magazine.

From now on you can expect a new, printed magazine every 3 months under the title PAINTBALL SPORTS MAGAZINE with lots of story, news and stories about paintball.

The free Paintball Magazine for all Paintball Sports customers

We put the booklet together for you in cooperation with the big retail brands in the industry and our partners from tournament sports (DPL and Co) as well as the event providers of the Big Game, SBG and OBS.

The entire magazine is financed exclusively by ourselves. The advertising shown is also free of charge for the respective brands. Since we don't generate any income, we don't want to guarantee you any costs. That's why we're giving this issue away for free.

What's in the booklet?

In its current form, the booklet has only 20 pages. The goal is to gradually increase the number of pages and expand the magazine. Who knows, maybe it will even become a real paintball magazine.

In Paintball Sports Magazine we report on current topics from the paintball scene. There are reports of Woodland & Scenario events like the Euro Big Game , the Scenario Big Game , or the Operation Black Sky series set in the Magfed area. You will also receive news and information about the Deutche Paintball League (DPL) and the NXL Europe Series and of course smaller leagues and events on the edge. There is also product information on the latest paintball stuff and everything else we can dig up for you in terms of background information.

Where can I get the new Paintball Sports Magazine?

That's easy. As soon as a new issue is published, you will find out about it on our homepage, in the newsletter and on Facebook and other social media platforms.

You will then receive the booklet automatically and free of charge with your next order in the paintball online shop . In every package that is big enough to put a booklet in, we include a free copy for you.

Anyone who does not shop in the online shop, but prefers to come to our paintball shop in Hanover personally, will of course also receive a free copy on site.

Feel free to ask about the Paintball Sports Magazine at our regional partner playing fields. We are happy to provide our playing field partners from the region with free copies for you.

When is the next Paintball Sports Magazine coming out?

We are currently planning 4 issues for the 2019 season. There will be a new one every 3 months. The first issue has been available since January 2019. The current timeline is:

Issue 2 – from April 2019

Issue 3 – From July 2019

Issue 4 – From October 2019

And now we wish you a lot of fun reading our Paintball Sports Magazine.

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