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The new HK Army SLR paintball mask
Monday May 24, 2021

We bring the new HK Army SLR mask to Germany – Order here now.

The US brand HK Army has been one of the hippest and coolest manufacturers in the global paintball industry for years. Players who trust HK products know that the products from this manufacturer not only look stylish and bring a lot of pestige, but they also simply work great. The reason is that the HK brand was founded by gamers for gamers. Everyone involved in the HK Army team has many years of experience in paintball and knows exactly what is important for a new product. After many years, HK Army has finally presented a successor to its popular HK Army KLR paintball mask . The new model is called the HK Army SLR Paintball Mask and will be available on the market in summer 2021. If you can't wait, you can now pre-order the HK Army SLR Paintball Mask and get it delivered immediately after the market launch.

The HK Army SLR is compatible with the old KLR glasses

To answer the most important question in advance, YES, the new HK Army SLR mask uses the same mask lenses as the previous model KLR. This is for simple reasons. On the player side, it is of course the best and easiest if you can quickly and easily transfer the old glasses that have accumulated with the previous mask to the new model. You save yourself expensive new purchases.

But the manufacturer also saves, because by continuing to use the KLR glasses, HK Army saves development time and costs. Not to mention the cost of a new design for the new glass, or the cost of approval for safety testing. Since the mask glasses of the HK Army KLR mask were so good that the players still count them among the best on the market, there was simply no need for renewal or innovation and HK continued to use the old glass system to the delight of the players.

What can the new HK Army SLR mask do better than the previous model?

In principle, HK Army has not simply reworked the old KLR model, but has practically designed a completely new mask. Except for the similar look and the lenses, which have been retained, the new HK Army SLR mask differs from its predecessor in almost every respect.

New SLR mask frame

The frame of the HK Army SLR mask is significantly larger than the previous model. Many players, especially taller ones or slightly stronger ones, complained about the lack of protection under the mask, as the jaw or other parts of the face were sometimes too exposed. HK has reworked this and given the SLR a significantly larger mask frame. At the same time, the new frame offers significantly more ventilation openings. This ensures even more air circulation under the mask. This gives you more air and makes it easier to communicate with your teammates.

The new mask strap with comfort pad

Dye and Virtue have been leading the way with their masks for a while, now HK has followed suit with the SLR. The CTX Goggle Strap mask strap has a wide comfort pad with a rubber-like silicone surface for maximum size. This means that the band can no longer slip, even in fast game situations, and always sits perfectly. Incidentally, the CTX Strap Pad is also available individually, so that KLR players, but also everyone else, can enjoy this new feature.

The magnetic chin strap of the Push Unite mask

With this feature, it is better to copy something that is badly done yourself. Push has also used the patented, magnetic chin strap system for its Unite mask. Now HK also swears by this reliable chin strap that can be operated with just one hand. A nice feature that also has its price, because both HK and Push have to buy this patented accessory for a lot of money. This is reflected in the price, but is one of the most popular features among players.

New 3D memory foam mask foam

One feature we're particularly excited about is HK's announced 3D memory foam mask. This should adapt optimally to the shape of the face and thus offer incomparable comfort. HK Army even promises that it has never been so comfortable to wear.

All in all, these are very convincing features that the new HK Army SLR paintball mask brings with it. If the mask keeps everything it promises in practice, then this SLR will definitely be one of the absolute top models on the scene in the future and there is another high-end paintball mask that really deserves this name. Stay tuned. We are definitely looking forward to the product release this summer.

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