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The new Carbon ZERO Pro paintball mask
Thursday April 14, 2022

Carbon Zero Pro – The new high-end paintball mask

The US manufacturer Carbon Paintball is certainly known to most players in the tournament sector. The company specializes in the highest quality tournament equipment and time and again breaks new ground in terms of workmanship, quality and ultralite design.

Now Carbon has developed and published its first high-end paintball mask for tournament sports. The brand new model is called ZERO PRO and surprises with a whole range of great features. As usual with Carbon, the product is not a bargain, but as a player you get a lot in the scope of delivery.

This is what the new Carbon Zero Pro Thermal Mask can do – The features…

The focus of this mask is clearly on the extreme lightweight construction. With the Zero Pro, Carbon has developed by far the lightest paintball mask in the world. At every corner and end, as much weight as possible was saved by using the latest ultra-light materials. The extremely light and, above all, particularly flexible mask frame made of rubber material does the rest.

If you look at the mask in detail, you will see that lighter material was also used for the glasses. These are significantly lighter than many other high-end masks.

In addition, a magnetic chin strap was installed that can be operated with just one hand. Some may already know the principle from the Push Unite paintball mask . The special thing about the glasses is the extremely sharp field of vision and the wide selection. There are a total of 15 different lenses with different colors and tints. These are divided into 3 categories for normal light conditions, dim light or indoor light or bright sunshine. This should give the player the opportunity to choose the optimal glass for any time of the day or night.

What we personally particularly liked is the magnetic visor, i.e. the sunshade of the Carbon ZERO Pro. This will have 4 magnets that anchor it firmly in the mask frame. This means that you no longer need any tools for assembly and you can decide within a second whether you want to play with or without a parasol. A super cool feature.

Otherwise, of course, the Carbon Zero also offers all the amenities of modern high-end tournament masks.

The scope of delivery of the Carbon Zero Pro mask

As already mentioned, the price of the Carbon Zero Pro is anything but cheap. At around 220 to 250 euros, it is currently one of the most expensive masks on the market. But the scope of delivery is really impressive and puts the purchase price into perspective very quickly. The following things are included with the purchase of a Carbon Zero Pro paintball mask .

The Carbon Zero Pro mask with thermal glass

The mask itself impresses with its design and ultra-light construction. No mask on the market is lighter.

An additional, clear thermal glass

For those who prefer to play clear glasses, the manufacturer has included an additional thermal glass. So you get a total of 2 mask glasses. The unit price of the clear thermal glass is already 54.95 euros

The Carbon Goggle Case mask bag

The Carbon Zero Pro is delivered in a very high-quality mask bag with a synthetic leather outer skin. This bag alone has a value of 39.95 euros as an accessory

Replaceable mask foam

To better adapt the mask to the player's head shape, Carbon supplies its Zero Pro mask with 2 exchangeable foam inlays. These normally have a price of around 15 euros as accessories

The unique magnetic visor mask peak

One of the coolest new features is the magnetically attached mask peak. This can be removed and attached with a flick of the wrist and without tools.

Free microfiber cloth

Carbon includes a microfiber cloth in the scope of delivery for streak-free cleaning of the mask glass. You can find it in the accessory pocket at the top of the Goggle Case. – Another 5 euros saved.

As you can see, the scope of delivery of this new high-end mask is really considerable and puts the actual purchase price into perspective on closer inspection. Of course you first put the said 220 to 250 euros on the table, but the accessories, which clearly go beyond the scope of delivery of most other masks, have a proven value of around 115 euros. In the end, the actual mask is only 105 to 135 euros, which is a real bargain for what is currently the lightest high-end paintball mask in the world.

In the end, of course, you have to decide for yourself whether the new Carbon Zero Pro paintball mask is worth the money. For our part, however, we are already convinced and can hardly wait to see the good piece in stores from summer 2022.

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