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The new Bunkerkings CTRL Loader
Friday November 1, 2019

The Bunkerkings CTRL Loader – Available here from December 2019!!!

Silently and secretly, the Bunkerkings company has launched a new, apparently very well thought-out high -end paintball loader behind the scenes. The good piece is sold under the name CTRL , which is the short form of CENTRAL. You can find out exactly what the CTRL Hopper can do here. Of course, you can already order the new BK model in our online shop and you are guaranteed to be one of the first to receive the new loader.

The features of the new Bunkerkings CTRL Loader

Where to start, where to stop? This loader not only has everything you would expect from a good high-end loader, it also sets new standards and has been given a few very interesting additional functions.

New, slimmer design with improved balance

The CTRL is more compact than all previous paintball hoppers. The case has an extremely slim design and has been slightly stretched towards the back. This should ensure an almost perfect balance and give the player another advantage in fast game situations.

Motor sensor with tilt activation

Apparently Bunkerkings managed to design the motor of the CTRL Loader in such a way that it has a tilt angle sensor . The loader not only feeds precisely when paint is needed, but also from almost any angle. This could be especially beneficial for snake players or players who like to play from the most unlikely angles.

Next generation tool-less design

Bunkerkings has raised the bar a whole lot here. As can be seen very nicely in the video, the upper housing cap of the CTRL Loader can be removed with just one hand and in less than 1 second. – Can others? – Sure… but what comes next is really crass. In addition, the inlay and the electronics have been designed with a tool-less system with magnets . The components can be easily removed and reinserted. The magnets automatically snap them into their original position. In the next step, you only have to disconnect the plug connection (cable) between the board and the battery supply, after which you can even remove the drive tray, i.e. the conveyor unit, completely from the base plate. This is also only held together by strong magnets and locked in place by the housing when assembled. A super simple solution that really impressed us.

No more jamming and ballbreaks!

In addition to the new, innovative control, the feed system at the core of the hopper also has a new design. 4 soft paddles convey the balls quickly and reliably in the direction of the marker. The manufacturer promises that jamming and chopping paintballs is virtually impossible with this model!

The new NTR Spped Feed

Last but not least, the feed was changed and improved again. Individual rubber lips that can be removed without tools seal almost the entire feed entrance and make it very suitable for bad weather conditions such as rain even without a lid. The individual fingers are so soft and flexible that they easily let incoming paintballs through and ballbreaks or the like cannot occur.

For us, the Bunkerkings CTRL Loader is already one of the most innovative new products for the 2020 season . They really thought about it and finally built a handful of innovations into a product that are really impressive and represent a real step forward.

In terms of price, the CTRL is also quite expensive at around 230-250 euros , but the latest technology and certainly one or the other patent unfortunately also have to be paid for in the end. Nevertheless, we believe that the CTRL is worth the money and will find its fans among die-hard BK fans and players who value power and performance .

The CTRL will be on the market in various color combinations between December 2019 and January 2020 and can of course be pre-ordered from us now . The delivery will then take place directly after the market launch. Customers who order from Germany will of course receive their CTRL Loader from us free of shipping costs. – This applies to all orders over 100 euros.

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