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The new AR100 body for the Planet Eclipse EMF100
Monday May 24, 2021

Attention MagFed paintball fans, here comes the new AR100 body kit for the Planet Eclipse EMF100

The company Inception Designs from the USA is known for innovative tuning and its numerous new developments in the field of accessories and attachments. A few months ago, Inception Designs announced a new AR-15 Body Kit for the Planet Eclipse MagFed Paintball Marker EMF100. This bears the model designation AR100 and now, after a long wait and without further notice, the new body kit is suddenly available on the market and is already available on the German market.

As one of the largest Planet Eclipse dealers in Germany, we naturally took the opportunity to include the new AR15 body kit in our range and to take a look at what the EMF100 players can look forward to with this interesting conversion kit.

How do I convert my Planet Eclipse EMF100 into an AR-15 assault rifle?

What sounds very complicated at first is not that difficult with the Inception Designs AR100 Body Kit for the Planet Eclipse EMF100 . In principle, only the body of the EMF100 is exchanged. To do this, loosen a few screws on the housing and replace the old body of the EMF100 with the new one. The bolt and the entire interior of the housing can be transferred 1:1 to the new marker body. In addition, all parts fit like the original housing. Anyone who has already disassembled their EMF100 at least two or three times for maintenance will probably not even need installation instructions for this conversion. Kudos to the designer at this point, that really worked!

What advantages and features does the AR100 Body Kit offer me?

First and foremost, this conversion is about a realistic look, i.e. a slimmer, more military appearance for the Planet Eclipse EMF100 paintball marker . The body is significantly slimmer and, like the original, has a 20mm Weaver rail on the top. However, the new AR100 body is made entirely of metal, which creates a beautiful real-steel look.

A very interesting feature is the AR-15 shroud adapter in the form of a thread, which is located on the front of the body kit, where the barrel is screwed in. This so-called Delta Ring Adapter enables the assembly of all common original shrouds from the field of real weapons, such as the well-known AR-15 assault rifle, on which the First Strike T15 paintball marker is also based. The height of the body's sight rail is designed so that it forms a line with the original shrouds and thus rounds off the look of a real assault rifle.

All types of original AR-15 shoulder rests can also be attached and screwed directly to the rear end of the body. Since this is rather unusual in Germany, since it is not so easy to get an AR-15 assault rifle or corresponding accessories and attachments here, there is space for a shoulder rest adapter, which is available separately as an accessory and enables the assembly of paintball shoulder rests with M98 mount.

Of course, all other accessories such as grips and sights can still be easily mounted on the new AR100 body kit for the Planet Eclipse EMF100. In any case, the marker looks good after the conversion. At around 330 euros, the body kit is not exactly cheap compared to the basic price of the marker. Nevertheless, a solidly processed and optically very sophisticated product which, in our opinion, will definitely find its buyers. We wish all Planet Eclipse EMF100 players a lot of fun rebuilding and modding.

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