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The new 4th generation Carmatech SAR12c
Monday November 9, 2020

Carmatech improves its SAR12 again…

The manufacturer Carmatech is best known for its SAR12, which is currently probably the best paintball sniper rifle on the market. There is now generation four of the SAR12. This comes with some visual changes and also has more to offer in terms of performance than the previous models. In today's blog post we want to explain to you what has changed in the SAR12 Generation 4 compared to the previous models and what you should pay attention to when buying.

The new Nemesis 20" barrel of the SAR12c Gen. 4

Carmatech has given its new edition of the SAR12 a brand new, in-house 20" Nemesis barrel . These barrels have some advantages compared to the old Hammerhead barrels. The trains and fields in the barrel are steeper than with all other paintball barrels. In other words, the ball is rotated more strongly The higher the rotation, the more precise the trajectory of the ball.Since the Nemesis barrels offer about three times the number of revolutions than the comparison models from Hammerhead and Lapco, they are inevitably among the most precise things you can buy on the market today.

The running setup is rounded off by a new muzzle brake. This not only ensures that the bullet exits without turbulence and a smoother trajectory, but the shot noise is even quieter than with the previous series. This means that the fourth-generation SAR12c can no longer be heard from distances of around 50 meters or less and the shooter can no longer be located.

The new, ergonomic handle

A change was also made to the handle of the SAR12c in the fourth generation. The standard handle, which has now lasted for three generations, has been replaced by a more steeply angled and more ergonomic handle. as a shooter, you can now lie even more relaxed behind the weapon without having to twist your hand in any shooting position. The old grip was sometimes too far angled for the players in the prone position. Carmatech has complied with the wishes of the players here and has adjusted the marker.

No more shroud – but the AR-15 adapter comes as standard

From the players' point of view, the optics of the SAR12c Gen. 4 has suffered a little, because Carmatech has decided to do without the proven metal front shroud. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, the marker becomes a good deal lighter. The SAR12c is quite large and heavy. The front shroud is nice to look at, but has no function and is therefore just superfluous ballast. In this day and age, players are slimming down their markers more and more. – Cue CQB and easy setup. For this reason, Carmatech has also taken this step and has ensured that the marker loses excess pounds. Everything that does not contribute to the weapon's performance has been removed. At the same time, the popular Carmatech AR-15 adapter has been integrated as a standard component. This is provided with a cover cap, which ensures a smooth marker front. If desired, the player can remove the cap and retrofit his SAR12 with any commercially available AR-15 shroud. This not only offers more choice, but can make the look even more beautiful than the previous model.

The new BlackJack Magazine – 21 shots First Strike Ready

The headline says it all. With the new SAR12 Gen. 4 version, Carmatech has also introduced a new magazine as standard. The Carmatech BlackJack Magazine (21 = Blackjack in the card game) has a capacity of 21 rounds. These can be fired in quick succession. Without rotating the magazine or the like. This means that the SAR12c, despite being a single-shot sniper rifle, has one of the highest magazine capacities on the market. Another advantage of the new generation of markers. The BlackJack magazines are of course also compatible with all previous models of the SAR12, so that really all SAR12 players can now enjoy the large magazine capacity.

Even if we only mention it here for the sake of form, the BlackJack Magazines are of course for First Strike paintballs as well as for normal Cal. Suitable for 68 paintballs.

One marker – three model variants

With us you get the Carmatech SAR12c paintball marker in three versions. Either as a relatively inexpensive basic version, which only contains the marker, two magazines and an air system, or as an upgraded model. First there is the so-called Complete Edition with sight rail, telescopic sight and bipod and then there is the Supreme version. This contains the legendary Carmatech Supremacy Scope sniper sight. It's practically impossible to miss, regardless of the distance. In addition to the sight rail and bipod, two additional magazines are included in the scope of delivery. So you get four (!) BlackJack magazines and start the race with over 80 rounds of ammunition. That's more than enough for Sniper.

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