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The latest paintball products in the 1st quarter of 2019
Tuesday February 26, 2019

Paintball innovations in the 1st quarter of 2019 – NEW at Paintball Sports

From now on we will report regularly on the latest paintball products from all well-known manufacturers in our Paintball Sports Newsblog. Stay tuned for what's to see this time!


TechT's new Anti-Chop Bolt

The US manufacturer TechT is known for innovative tuning parts in the field of paintball marker technology. With the new Super-Bolt, TechT is launching the world's first anti-chop bolt for Tippmann blowback markers such as the M98, A5 and all models of the same design (BT-4, Valken SW-1). The bolt reliably prevents paintballs in the marker from being crushed by the bolt.

Available from: Immediately

RRP: €39.95

Techt Superbolt Anti Chop Tuningbolzen Tippmann

High-class HP regulator

The power house GEN II

The Powerhouse company from the USA is probably only known to very few players in this country. Powerhouse currently manufactures exactly one product, its Powerhouse GEN II Paintball HP Regulator.

This new reg has tons of cool features and is made with the best components and materials. However, this quality is also reflected in the price.

Available from: Immediately

RRP: €119.95

Powerhouse Paintball Regulator hier kaufen

News from DLX

The LUXE X is coming…

Just in time for the new season, the Luxe X is a worthy successor to the proven Luxe Ice. The manufacturer DLX has come up with a great idea and presents the Luxe X, the world's first paintball marker that can be completely dismantled without tools.

DLX also worked on the bolt again and was able to tease out about 20% more efficiency / air savings. A clear buy recommendation from us for the 2019 season.

Available: Lt. Manufacturer approx. 01/02 2019

RRP: €1,499.95

DLX Luxe X Paintball Markierer kaufen bei Paintball Sports

Smoke(s) becomes cheaper

Enolagaye EG25 Micro Smoke grenades

With the EG25 Micro, Enolagaye has created a small, very inexpensive smoke grenade for the price-conscious newcomer. Now really everyone has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the products of Enolagaye for little money.

Available: Immediately

RRP: from €4.55

Enolagaye Paintball Rauchgranaten kaufen bei Paintball Sports

America First…!

Pro Shar Premium Paintballs in a new guise

The Russian paintball manufacturer Pro Shar has relaunched its RED MENACE Paint in the USSR crate design in a US variant just in time for the NXL World Cup in Orlando. The whole thing is called AMERICA FIRST and is probably meant as a tongue-in-cheek dig at the current US ruler Donald Trump.

Available: Immediately

RRP: from €49.95

ProShar America First Paintballs kaufen bei Paintball Sports

The Kickstarter project

The Bunkerkings CMD / Command mask

Bunkerkings has chosen a Kickstarter project to fund the launch of its new mask called CMD (which stands for Command).

As part of this, the mask can be pre-ordered at a significantly reduced price. The mask will probably be available from us from the end of January.

Available: Q1 2019

RRP: €169.95

Bunkerkings CMD Command Paintball Maske hier kaufen

Every year again…

Dye R2 and Dye I4 in new colors

Just in time for the start of the offseason, the Dye company surprises us year after year with a handful of new color variants of its current top products. This time Dye has taken on his R2 hopper and the popular Dye I5 paintball mask.

The result is 3 new, coordinated color combinations.

Available: Immediately

Dye I5 Paintball Maske kaufen bei Paintball Sports

Mechanical is back

The V-Mech M1 Loader

With the M1, the company V-Mech brought the world's first purely mechanical force-feed loader onto the market. The V-Mech is wound up using a crank on the housing and stores the energy for the subsequent charging cycle. Once wound up, it loads up to 100 paintballs into the marker at a constant feed rate of approx. 11 BPS.

Available: Immediately

RRP €39.95

V-Mech M1 Paintball Loader jetzt hier bestellen.

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