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The Independent Club Series 2022
Wednesday April 6, 2022

The ICS season 2022 in the Sundaysclub with Paintball Sports

The Sundaysclub is currently the best-known tournament field in the Berlin area, if not in the entire east of the German paintball scene. We spoke to the field manager about the plans for the coming season to find out more about the planned ICS. You can already say that much, something big is coming up for tournament sport and we are happy to be there…

The ICS – Independent Club Series has existed for 10 years and was brought to life by the Sundaysclub team. The ICS as a tournament series was mainly known in East Germany for several years. However, with growing popularity, it was also adopted by teams from other parts of Germany. The team around Sundaysclub field manager Kevin Hegend, who many also know as a player of the Bundesliga team Kingsize Berlin, values a relaxed atmosphere at their events. The players and the sport are clearly in the foreground. This is what the Sundaysclub stands for with all its tournaments and events and has been as a tournament field since day one. The slogan of "players for players" is not only carried outwardly here, but is an integral part of the culture around the Sundaysclub. You just want to play good and appealing paintball. So that sport and fun are in the foreground for the teams, the Sundaysclub team attaches great importance to the lowest possible entry fees, good marshalling and BYO (bring your own) for all teams. This should relieve the teams financially and at the same time ensure more inflow. Anyone who leaves the field as a winner at the end of an event usually does not go away empty-handed. From great non-cash prizes to large prize money, there has been everything in the Sundaysclub. After all, they were the first to launch the “1000 Euro Cash Cup” and since then have regularly paid out 4-digit winnings to the winners of their events. That too is something that is unfortunately far too rare in the German tournament scene. A good performance must be worthwhile. Fame, honor and a trophy are cool, but a thousand in the team treasury is something completely different.

This year, the Sundaysclub team is completely reorganizing itself as part of its ICS – Independent Club Series. They have not only decided to expand the event series and give it new impetus, but they also want to grow. This season, for the first time, the ICS will take place on several playing fields in cooperation with the tournament locations Hildesheim (Battlefields) and Wöbbelin (Paint Park). There will be an amateur division of the ICS locally in Berlin. The pros, on the other hand, play a small round trip with three locations. At the end, in addition to the already mentioned trophies and really great non-cash prizes, there is a fat NXL Div. 3 starting place at the final tournament of the NXL in Paris worth approx. 1500 euros.

We are already celebrating the ICS and look forward to fresh wind and new impulses for the German paintball tournament scene. This is exactly what is currently needed in the tournament circuit. We wish all teams every success and of course lots of fun.

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