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The Hidden Hedgehog – The paintball sniper
Monday March 4, 2019

The Hidden Hedgehog – The paintball sniper from England

One of the most famous snipers in European paintball sport is " The Hidden Hedgehog ", which translates as "the hidden hedgehog". This young man is a player from Great Britain who not only films his adventures on the paintball fields all over Europe, but also stages his kills in a cinematic way and makes real short films from his adventures.

For many gamers , The Hidden Hedgehog videos are not only entertainment and pastime, but also incentive and motivation. In times of MagFed Paintball, the Paintball Sniper topic hits the nerve of the viewers. It is not for nothing that some of his videos have already had several million views.

One of the best paintball sniper videos on the net

What kind of sniper rifle does The Hidden Hedgehog use in his videos?

This question cannot simply be answered with a specific model designation, because this special weapon is clearly a hand-made self-construction in which many hours of work and development time have gone into it. Only he himself knows 100 percent which components are hidden in the sniper rifle of the Hidden Hedgehog.

However, we took a closer look at the sniper's work equipment and can at least partially draw conclusions about the equipment used.

The basis is undoubtedly a mix of a real gun stock and a paintball pump action marker , probably a Hammer7. These are very rare to get, but extremely popular as a base for sniper rifles. The magazines used belong to the Dye DAM. They were probably chosen because of their compact design and trouble-free operation. The marker is hereby very compact. Furthermore, you can see a remote system, i.e. the marker is supplied with air by a paintball remote system and the bottle lies on the back of the player in the battlepack. This provides more flexibility and makes the setup a bit easier.

Unfortunately, since the barrel is taped, we can only speculate here. The fact is, the Hidden Hedgehog doesn't use a silencer and will probably use a twisted barrel, as it works much more precisely with First Strike paintballs than smooth barrels. The best manufacturers for this are Lapco and Hammerhead. Therefore, we assume that one of the two brands is used here.

The whole thing is supplemented with a standard bipod with quick-folding function and a visor with magnification for optimal aiming at long distances. What is strange is that the sight seems to be mounted on a normal sight rail. This means that the sight has to be adjustable to a very large angle of inclination, otherwise one would not be able to aim accurately at the comparatively short distances in panitball (up to 100m).

Here you can find The Hidden Hedgehog's Youtube Channel and other cool videos.

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