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The GI Sportz Menace Paintball Pistol
Thursday May 16, 2019

The GI Sportz Menace paintball pistol is a real alternative

The GI Sportz brand is probably known to most paintballers mainly through the sale of paintball balls. Little by little, GI Sportz is now also developing other products such as soft goods, masks, bags and other accessories. The latest coup is your own paintball gun .

This step is surprising, since GI Sportz also holds the rights to the Tippmann brand, among other things. They, in turn, already have the global market leader in their ranks, the Tippmann TPX pistol , and would not actually need to sell another model. In the following article we want to inform you about the small but subtle differences in the Menace paintball pistol and will also explain why it is a real alternative to many other models.

Why another paintball gun?

This question is justified, but also answered just as quickly. The MagFed paintball market has been growing for years and the demand for realistic and, above all, compact second and backup weapons, especially pistols, is growing and growing. The GI Sportz Menace paintball pistol is one of the most realistic models currently available on the market and it is also by far one of the cheapest. This makes them very popular with both MagFed players and newcomers.

Another aspect is the realistic look. As a result, the Menace is also becoming increasingly popular in the home defense sector.

What distinguishes the GI Sportz Menace from the Tippmann TiPX?

The biggest difference is clearly the caliber. The TPX is a genuine Cal. 68 Paintball Pistol . The Menace, on the other hand, is a Cal. 50 model. Due to the smaller projectiles, a much more compact design is possible. This makes the marker look almost like a real gun. Laymen will practically not tell the difference.

Another advantage is that with Cal. Can shoot 50 paintballs faster. Since the shooting performance in Germany is limited by the Joule number, a smaller bullet with less weight gives more scope. A GI Sportz Menace pistol on a Chrony therefore reaches speeds of up to 300 FPS and is therefore still absolutely within the legal framework. This can be a decisive advantage in terms of accuracy at short distances. The bullet just flies faster, which makes it more accurate and it also hits the target faster. MagFed paintballers therefore swear by the Menace as a backup pistol when it comes to house fighting.

Last but not least, it should be said at this point that the Cal. 50 Paintball are also a fair bit cheaper than Cal. 68 paintballs. It is also clear that they are smaller and therefore cheaper to produce.

The GI Sportz Menace is a real bargain

If you compare the Menace with other pistols on the market, it clearly stands out with the best price. You can already get a GI Sportz Menace pistol incl. magazine for an RRP of 179.95 euros. Comparable models with a similar caliber are, for example, the Walther PPQ RAM pistol (229.95 euros) or the Tippmann TPX paintball pistol in Cal. 68 (299.95 euros). Both models are significantly more expensive.

We give the GI Sportz Menace a clear buy recommendation. The marker is still new and is therefore often underestimated. But we are sure that this model will prevail in the long run, especially in the MagFed scene.

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