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The first paintball bullpup marker in mass production!
Thursday July 27, 2017

Maxtact Bullpup Paintball Marker – The first of its kind.

The latest model from Maxtact is not just any, but it marks a milestone in paintball marker development. Never before has a Bullpup paintball marker been mass-produced for the global paintball market. There were some smaller manufacturers and inventors who tried to convert and mod existing paintball guns, but no comparable model like this one.

Maxtact TGR Bullpup – The Facts.

We are often asked if we can provide more information about Maxtact 's new Bullpup model. We already know a lot, but unfortunately not everything. We can only say some things with certainty when we finally hold the good piece in our hands.

At this point we would like to share our knowledge with you and bring you up to date.

Structure and function of the TGR Bullpup

The core of the bullpup marker is the proven TGROne technology. Body and inner workings were taken over almost 1:1 and provided with various attachments. In principle, the bullpup marker consists of the TGR housing with a modified back cap with remote connection, a new front shroud with an extended barrel and a new type of grip that moves the trigger mechanism to the front third of the marker. The trigger movement is then forwarded backwards via linkages in the housing to the trigger mechanism, which is located forwards below the bolt in the housing.

Bolts and valves were taken from the TGR because this system works very trouble-free and has proven itself over the years.

The total length of the marker, from the shoulder rest to the barrel, is between 70 and 80 cm. Unfortunately, we can only say more precisely once we have been able to measure it personally.

magazines and ammunition

Maxtact uses the same magazines for its bullpup marker as for all other models. The customer can choose from 12 and 18 magazines in different colors (smoke, clear) and shoot both normal Caliber 68 paintball balls and First Strike paintballs with them.

What exactly is a bullpup paintball marker?

Bullpup guns are specifically designed for use in buildings and terrain with limited space. Due to the very short setup, these models are particularly easy to handle. The special feature lies in the arrangement of the locking mechanism in the housing. With bullpup guns, this is as far back in the housing as possible, which in turn allows the installation of significantly longer barrels, which in turn significantly increases the precision of the guns compared to comparable models of the same size.

With these models, the magazine, ammunition chamber and breech are always located directly in the area of the buttstock. This is what makes these weapons so compact and effective.

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