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The Euro Big Game 2019 with Paintball Sports
Wednesday May 29, 2019

Welcome to the EBG – Euro Big Game 2019

It's that time again, the long Father's Day weekend is just around the corner and the European paintball scene meets for the annual Euro Big Game scenario event in Mahlwinkel in East Germany.

Of course, we at Paintball Sports will also be there again and want to tell you first-hand what's new and what we saw and heard during the two-day build-up phase.

The new Paintball Sports stand at the Euro Big Game

After our event stand was brought up to Fordermann from the inside last year and was very popular with visitors, we also treated ourselves to a facelift in terms of the facade for this year. After several months of planning, a scenery-like facade was created with a whopping four meters high and ten meters wide, which we covered with elaborately designed banners. Anyone who knows us knows that when we do something, we do it right, and so we wanted to once again live up to this reputation at the EBG 2019 . However, we will only know for sure at the end of the event whether the spectators will like the new stand. The first feedback was extremely positive. At this point, many thanks for that.

Feel free to drop by the paintball sports stand on the event site , it's worth it.

A lot is new at the EBG this year…

What we noticed when we arrived is that a lot has changed in terms of structure and structure. Not only are there new faces here and there in the planning and organizational team , but there have also been some very serious changes.

The registration, for example, is now much further ahead on the site. You can reach it after about 100 meters. From there, the visitors are then distributed to the parking lots and campsites. The square with armored plates to the right of the entrance road is apparently not used at all this year, in any case you can simply leave it on the right and pass.

A lot has also happened in terms of presentation, the organizer is now focusing even more on atmosphere and has changed a few things in terms of light and illustration with banners. Very successful in our opinion.

The first impression counts – great atmosphere!

As a small highlight , this year you will be greeted directly at the event gate by a guerrilla squadron. The performers, equipped with deceptively real weapons and combat vests, bring a real event feeling right at the entrance. You no longer feel like you are at a normal entrance to the campsite, but more like you are in a roadblock with armed insurgents who want to take a close look at you first. Armored military vehicles, which apparently belong to the troupe of mercenary actors, are waiting to the left and right of the path. A sight to behold when entering the event.

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