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The DYE DSR+ in the product test
Wednesday April 6, 2022

Everything about the new DSR+ from Dye

The Dye DSR has been one of the most popular mid-range tournament markers since its appearance. Now the manufacturer presented a new version just in time for the new season at the NXL World Cup last year. This is called Dye DSR+ and brings a few interesting improvements. We took a look under the hood of the new model and tell you what's inside. – Real upgrade, or just a facelift? Here you can find out…

If you are currently looking for a paintball tournament marker in the range of 1000 euros or less, you unfortunately do not have a lot of choice. As a gamer, you are forced to choose between Shocker AMP, Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R or the Dye DSR+. The DSR+ is currently the latest model of the three markers mentioned. The previous model, the first Dye DSR, was very popular with gamers because of its new, extremely slim design. With a weight of only 918g, it is also one of the lightest tournament markers currently on the market. Compared to its big sister, the Dye M3+, the DSR+ does not have a few features, but that in no way reduces its performance. The extremely efficient ARC+ bolt system with soft tip allows you to shoot even the most brittle tournament paintballs without any problems and in almost any weather condition. The 2-part Dye Core barrel with its .688 bore ensures the necessary precision. Of course, the bolt on this dye marker can also be removed from the housing without any tools and in just one movement. The individual bolt parts are screwed together, but can also be separated for greasing and cleaning without additional tools.

What we personally particularly like about the Dye DSR+ is the feel and the trigger (trigger). The marker feels great in your hand right away. The patented Dye Ultralite 45 degree grip ensures dynamic marker retention. The slim, rubberized front grip, which houses the marker's battery compartment, also offers excellent grip. Incidentally, it can also be removed from the housing without tools. To do this, simply turn the new and improved locking screw on the underside by 180 degrees.

At first glance, the look of the new EDGE2 trigger takes some getting used to. This is shaped into something like a lightning bolt and looks quite angular at first. When you first trigger the marker, you quickly notice the ultra-soft positioning and the pleasant trigger feeling. This trigger definitely feels a whole lot better than it looks. Players who absolutely do not want to get used to the new trigger optics can, of course, exchange the EDGE2 trigger for the old Dye DSR trigger or use the tuning trigger on the wide range of accessories.

The ASA connection with on/off for turning was still criticized by many users as too small and not really easy to handle on the previous model. Dye has improved this and not only designed the rotating mechanism to have a better grip, but also made it around 50% larger. This means that the player can now operate it comfortably even with gloves.

So that the Dye DSR+ works perfectly and reliably in any weather and in any climate zone on the planet, there is the so-called solenoid flow restrictor. This sits in the grip, below the grip shells on the right side, near the trigger. It enables the gas flow in the magnetic valve, the so-called solenoid, to be fine-tuned. Since air expands more when it is hot than when it is cold, so-called bolt sticks can occur at extremely low temperatures. The bolt then gets stuck and does not fire a complete shot, since the air pressure is no longer sufficient due to the cold outside temperatures to move the bolt forward completely for a complete firing cycle. All air pressure operated paintball markers worldwide have this problem. Dye has created the possibility to individually adjust the working pressure with the help of the solenoid flow restrictor and thus practically rule out bolt sticks.

Otherwise, Dye has of course adopted all the proven product features of the previous model. These include the new Dye 4th Generation Eye Pipe, the adjustable clamp feed, the MOS Air operating system, an adjustable OLED board with control joystick, the Dye Sticky Grips grips, the extremely constant Dye Hyper6 front regulator, and the hoseless design and all the small but fine dye features that have made these markers so successful for decades.

From a purely optical point of view, the DSR+ again offers a wide range of colors and also a large number of interesting special colors, the so-called PGA models. However, these cost an additional 100 euros in retail.

As usual from Dye, the new DSR+ is also delivered in an attractive hard case with a foam inlay. In addition to the marker, it also contains the very extensive accessory package. As a buyer of a Dye DSR+ you get a hex key set, a tube of dye grease, a colored O-ring kit, a barrel condom, the two-part barrel of the marker and of course the instructions for use including maintenance and repair instructions as well as the guarantee card.

So much for our product test for the new DSR+ from Dye. Our conclusion: the thing can do something! If you are looking for a light, compact and powerful tournament marker, you will definitely be well looked after here. We wish all Dye fans and those who might become one a lot of fun with the new DSR+ and a successful tournament season.

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