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The DPL season 2019 – The outlook
Tuesday February 26, 2019

The preparation is in progress

The DPL season 2019

We are currently still in the middle of the winter break, but like every year in the offseason, everyone is busy preparing for the season.

As teams plan their rosters, bring on new players, finalize paint and equipment deals, and prepare for their winter and spring training, the German Paintball League hasn't been idle behind the scenes either. For the 2019 season, the DPL has again made some changes in order to adapt to the new conditions in tournament sport and to make the 2019 season a little bit better than last year.

We had the opportunity to exchange a few short words with DPL Managing Director Arne Petry and received interesting information about the 2019 season.

Season league paintball for only 49 euros*

The big DPL junior program

2019 will be a great year for German paintball tournament sport. This year, the DPL is launching a special team development program to attract young talent. This is intended to make it easier for new players to get started in tournament sports and to better look after existing teams and players.

Season district league play for only 49 euros* / state league for 349 euros*

As the first step of the new support program, every team that registers in the DPL district league (3-man format) or state league (5-man format) in 2019 will receive a EUR 200 voucher. The prerequisite is that it really is a new team.

To ensure this, a maximum of 1 player who has already played in the 2018 season can be registered per team. However, if you already have league experience, but took a break last season (2018), you are not covered by this regulation and can also benefit from the support program.

So if you feel like league paintball, grab 2 friends now and set up your own team. With the DPL voucher you can play a whole season of the district league (4 match days) for only 49 euros. Plus ID cards and paintballs, of course. You can't even play a day tournament for that money. Here you get a whole season on offer.

Personnel reinforcement for the DPL

The DPL is making the next big change in its own ranks. With Sven Reimann, not only is there a new face, but someone who comes from the scene and has been active in league sports (up to DPL Regionalliga) for many years. He will play a key role in the new team development program and is expected to contribute the experience he has gained as a player on the field over the past few years, as well as his entrepreneurial skills. In Sven, the DPL has found someone who is supposed to represent the interests of the players and who knows their wishes and needs first-hand. He will act as a liaison between the players and the DPL organization. In this way, the DPL meets the call from active players for more consideration of their wishes and opinions. This has been increasingly demanded by players in recent years.

Keep an eye out for the new DPL Team Managers

From the coming season it is quite possible that one of the new team supervisors will cross your path on one or the other DPL field. These "old hands" of the sport, in cooperation with Sven Reimann, should make it easier for the new, inexperienced players to get started in tournament sports. They answer questions about the league, help you choose the right equipment and put you in direct contact with the league. In addition, the team supervisors also have one or the other goodie ready for you. If you get on well with your regional supervisor, you can get discounted equipment on the field from him and, if you wish, you can get information about team deals and special conditions from the DPL partners.

The DPL intends to begin appointing the first supervisors in the coming year. We are very excited and welcome this innovation.

If you now say "Team leader? – That could be me…" and you want to make your hobby accessible to even more people, then get in touch with the DPL now and apply to be a DPL team supervisor. You can find the contact details below this post.

The league structure 2019 – There are changes in Lower Saxony

The first thing that catches your eye is the new league structure. This has become smaller at the base, ie in the district and state leagues. From what used to be more than 15 BZL locations, there are now only 10 left. This is done in order to fill up the leagues again and thus make them more attractive for the players.

When you take a look at our region around Hanover, it quickly becomes clear that something has happened in the north as well. With Frontline Paintball, a well-known tournament field with over 10 years of experience has left league sports. This is where the playing field of Battlefields Hildesheim comes in. The change may raise questions at first, but it is a real gain for the North German teams. Hildesheim was apparently chosen by the DPL as the new center of tournament sports in the Lower Saxony area. From the district league to the 3rd Bundesliga, everything that has rank and name will be represented there in the 2019 season. So if you want to play DPL in the Hanover area and the surrounding area, you know where to go if you're looking for tough training opponents and a top location.

At this point we wish all teams a lot of fun preparing for the new season!

For all questions about the German Paintball League, the team promotion program or the new team supervisor posts, you can contact the DPL as follows.

DPL – German Paintball League

Mail: [email protected] – Web: dpl-online.de – Telephone: 02256 9595637

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