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Monday February 27, 2023


Also in this issue we have a detailed product test for a brand new product for you. With the DLS, Dye introduced a new, innovative high-end marker that we were able to take a closer look at. Here you get a view of the new model and what is hidden in detail behind it. Dye has gone completely new ways with the DLS, we can promise you that much in advance…

Dye presented its latest high-end marker model at the World Cup in Orlando, Florida last October. The new model, which at first glance looks like a slightly modified M3+, is called DLS. As similar as the Dye DLS may be to the M3+ from the outside, it looks so different inside the marker. For the new DLS, Dye has entered into a cooperation with another paintball marker manufacturer for the first time. This partner company is the company "Lurker Paintball", which developed its own marker about ten years ago.

The Lurker Paragon model hasn't been built for a long time, but the Paragon bolt system once developed by Lurker Paintball is still groundbreaking in terms of effectiveness. So Dye and Lurker decided to join forces and lump together the best features of the Dye M3+ and the Lurker Paragon. The result is the Dye DLS, striking Dye optics on the outside and Lurker technology at the heart. But what exactly makes the new Dye DLS so special? The Paragon Core Bolt is one of the most efficient systems on the market thanks to its innovative design and special airflow. Not only is the working pressure of the Dye DLS extremely low, but the air consumption is a good deal lower than with the Dye M3+. This is also reflected in the sound signature. The Dye DLS not only sounds completely different when shooting than previous dye marker models, it also feels different. Tournament players will notice the difference very quickly the first time they hold the DLS in their hands on the field.

This brings us to the biggest “problem” of the Dye DLS. Unfortunately, it is an absolute rarity! Dye has only made a total of 500 of this marker worldwide and there are definitely no more models to come. As we know first-hand, the demand from the players when the DLS was released at the World Cup was so great that the Dye Stand was almost completely sold out by the end of the event. Dye was probably a little surprised himself by the huge success of the new marker and so when we asked, we were already told that the entire European market would definitely not be able to be served, as far too many markers in the USA had already been sold or pre-ordered. Internal sources currently speak of only around 50 DLS markers that ever come across the pond to Europe. If you now consider that these will be distributed to all countries and dealers, then as a player you can easily calculate how high the chance is of getting one of the coveted models. We ourselves have already received the information from Dye that we won't even be able to get all the colors in and if they're gone, then they're gone. At this point we strongly advise all Dye and Lurker fans who would like to have one of the new Dye DLS markers to place their pre-orders in good time so that they don't end up empty-handed.

But now we come to the other features of the Dye DLS. In addition to the bolt system already mentioned, which is the actual innovation of the DLS, numerous product features from the previous series have of course also been adopted. The best components that have proven themselves on the field and in the tournament are passed on from generation to generation. This is the only way that the markers from Dye get better and better from model to model. In this case, in addition to the electronics, the reinforced Gen. 4 Eye Pipe and the very precisely working Hyper 6S Pro Regulator, the proven Sticky Grips grips and the Dye Leaver Lock Clamping Feedneck were also installed. In addition, the EDGE2 trigger, known from the Dye DSR+ and now very popular with players, has been installed as a trigger.

The SLAP ASA adapter and the tool-less bolt system, in which the bolt can be removed from the housing without any tools, complete the package. The PGA variants of the Dye DLS also have a two-piece carbon fiber boom stick barrel, which is supplied with a .684 and a .688 back, for maximum precision. Buyers of the standard colors have to be satisfied with the slightly heavier UL-S backs. These are also delivered in .684 and .688. As usual with Dye, the marker comes to you in a hard case including a small parts kit, charger for the battery, Dye multi-tool and running socks.

You can choose from a total of eleven color variants for the Dye DLS. However, as already mentioned, it is unfortunately not certain that all colors will actually be widely available on the market. Now you have all the information about the new Dye DLS at first hand. We wish all buyers a lot of fun with this new, really innovative high-end marker.

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