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Sunday March 5, 2023


Welcome to the paintball season 2023! So that the new year starts off really well and you know it too. which leagues and event formats are coming up, we have summarized them for you this time in a big season outlook. We look at the developments in tournament sports, where the UGPL, a new heavyweight consisting of four series, is starting. We also take a look at the latest developments in the DPL and the NXL. Of course, the Woodland and scenario fans should also get their money's worth and so we have compiled the most important event dates for the coming season for you here. Look forward to UBG, SBG and the OBS. Here you can find out which events are coming up this year…


The paintball year 2023 already has a lot of dates and events ready for the players. Many of the organizers have announced their dates well in advance and have planned for the entire year. This ensures a structured course of the season and also helps the players significantly when planning their holidays. So that you don't miss any more appointments or events, we have compiled the most important and largest events for you in this article and also included a few key data and information in our luggage. Let's start with the Woodland and Scenario sections before moving on to the Tournament section dates.

United Big Game - UBG Mahlwinkel

Operation Black Sky MagFed Paintball Event Mahlwinkel

Scenario Big Game Paintball Event Poland

So much for the dates for our woodland and scenario fans. Now we come to the current developments in tournament sports. The DPL has already announced its dates and venues for the coming season. However, one of the currently most interesting developments is emerging away from the DPL. Apparently, some of the events and series that have taken place locally in recent years have joined forces and founded a new association under the label UGPL (United German Paintball League). Unfortunately, not all key data have been set yet, but we have researched for you and compiled the information available so far.

We wish you a lot of fun and success.


In general, an exciting development that is currently taking place in the paintball tournament circuit. The feedback from the players is initially positive, they welcome the alternative offers. At this point, we question whether it really needs two German champions in the end. Who knows, maybe UGPL and DPL will play a final together at the end and determine the only true German champion of the season. It would certainly be interesting for the feel of the game, because in the end there can only be one true German champion in performance-related tournament sports. We are curious how this development will continue and will of course keep you up to date. It doesn't matter what you're playing, whether it's a MagFed event, Big Game scenario or one of the leagues or tournament series offered, it's clear that there's a lot of cool offers on the table for the coming season, so everyone who wants to play paintball is guaranteed to comes at his own expense.


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