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The big paintball events 2021
Monday January 18, 2021

In 2021 there will again be a lot of paintball events on the program. We talked to the organizers of the individual tournaments and events and wanted to know from them what had changed compared to the previous year, what effects there may still be from the previous year, whether the dates have already been set and what else might have happened still to report. We have summarized all interviews with the organizers in this article.


Since its inception a few years ago, the OBS has been one of the toughest, if not the toughest, MagFed paintball event in Europe. In the 2021 season, too, the Operation Black Sky Crew around Martin Liepe and Ulli Ehler is again planning some major events for the MagFedcommunity. We spoke to both of them and wanted to know what OBS events are coming up next year and what players can expect there.

For the coming year, the OBS crew is currently focusing on three events. In addition to a new event at the start of the season and a classic 24-hour OBS that will take place later in the year, this year there is also a new edition of the 2020 surprisingly very successful "Resist the Virus" event. This was born out of necessity last year, as the actual OBS event had to be canceled due to corona. The slimmed-down OBS variant with a little more fun factor was so well received by the participants that they decided to do a new edition – the whole thing is called "Resist the Virus 2" and the story line follows directly on the events of the previous year's event. Incidentally, the very detailed storyline is the real flagship of the Operation Black Sky series, in addition to the concentrated MagFed action. For months in advance, the organizers think about the exact sequence of events of the individual missions and weave together a widely ramified web of different storylines that ultimately combine to form one big story. Just like the OBS itself, "Resist the Virus 2" is a pure MagFed event. That means there are no hoppers here, and no mix of players either. MagFed Only! – is announced; is 'in'; is hip; is trendy. Unlike the extremely tough 24-hour OBS events, the "Resist the Virus 2" concept is designed for both newcomers and professionals. A slightly toned down version of the OBS. The playing times are shorter because several linked individual missions are played. The very exhausting night game that is so typical of OBS is also eliminated. At nightfall, the Resist the Virus 2 event ends. So you can experience an “OBS light” here. All the perks and the usual cool atmosphere and storyline, but without the long 24 hour gameplay and night. Nevertheless, this event is more strenuous and demanding than most other paintball day events. All OBS events were, are and will remain something for a small, very special circle of players who really want to push their limits. "We want to use this format to introduce new players to the actual OBS," organizer Ulli Ehler explains in an interview. "Unfortunately, the past has shown that many players simply underestimate the physical and psychological demands of a 24-hour game that goes on non-stop even at night. At the last Operation Black Sky event, we had a lot of new players with us, some of whom didn't seem to know exactly what was in store for them. As a result, we had significantly more failures than in the past. We have created this new format so that players can approach the topic of OBS under somewhat easier conditions in the future,” he explains to us. If you still want to approach the night missions, you can also do this with "Resist the Virus 2". The organizers offer additional, shorter night missions as part of the event – the perfect introduction. Also new to the "Resist the Virus 2" event is the additional supporting program, which begins on Friday. This includes, for example, the third Run & Gun Challenge, a sporting competition with a military background, special training opportunities in small groups (eg CQB in different buildings) and the previously mentioned Magfed night game option. In addition, selected event partners such as paintball shops and manufacturers from the industry will be there and present their new products in a kind of small trade show on the edge of the accommodation. On Saturday evening, after all the exertion, we celebrate together so that the social aspect is not neglected. Anyone who still thinks that they haven’t been challenged enough and still have more reserves during the joint final beer can then dare to jump to the “big” Operation Black Sky 12 event, which will take place in October 2021. The OBS 12 is then again a classic 24-hour MagFed paintball event.

As already mentioned, the wheat is separated from the chaff here, because the OBS is one of the hardest things you can play in MagFed paintball. "Operation Black Sky 12 is guaranteed to be the toughest, continuous 24-hour Magfed Paintball event in Germany, Europe and the world again this year." Martin and Ulli promise us. "Without exaggeration, we always say that the Magfed accolade is only awarded to those who have been to the OBS at least once and have completed the full 24 hours," adds Martin. He needs to know because he is the main person responsible for the storyline and mission content. He's seen a lot of players come and go. Incidentally, the third event in 2021 will be something completely new. At the moment, April 17, 2021 is the only date that has been set. Action, game modes etc. are still open.

The OBS crew is still keeping a big secret about their new project. Only the rumor and a strictly limited field of participants of around one hundred people are currently in the room. However, based on the experiences of the last few years, things can only be good. You can find out more about this soon on the website of the OBS crew. Incidentally, all events will again take place as usual in 2021 on the large site in the East German town of Mahlwinkel, where the EBG also takes place.

Despite the significantly smaller number of participants, the OBS site is a lot larger than at the EBG. “We're talking 245 hectares here! – That’s 2,450,000 square meters,” Ulli tells us proudly. That should also give you something to think about in advance and makes it clear which distances you have to cover here in the 24 hours.

As you can see, the preparations for "Resist the Virus 2" and "OBS 12" are already in full swing. If you are interested in MagFed and Real Action Paintball with maximum Call of Duty flair, you should register here.

We wish all participants a lot of fun and perseverance. If you would like to get a taste of it in advance, you will find plenty of videos about the event on YouTube and other social media platforms. As always, tickets and further information can be found on the organizer's website: www.black-sky.de.


The Euro Big Game is one of the oldest and largest paintball events in all of Europe. So there is no question that it will take place again this year. As every year, the EBG traditionally takes place on Father's Day weekend over Ascension Day. We spoke to the CEO of the EBG, the event manager Christian Kammerer, and were able to get some information about the event for the coming year from him.

PBS: Christian, thanks for taking the time. Please tell our readers and especially the new players, who may not yet know the EBG, what the Euro Big Game actually is and what awaits you there.

CHRISTIAN: Well I would say there are only a few paintball events that you have to play once. The Euro Big Game is definitely one of them. The EBG is held in eastern Germany, more precisely in Mahlwinkel. This is about 2 hours from Berlin. On site, the Euro Big Game offers four days of paintball action and partying! The EuroBigGame is held on 625,000 square meters full of history. There are Soviet military buildings from the Cold War era. During the Cold War Mahlwinkel was an important reinforcement and supply air base for the "Fulda Gap". Fortunately, the "Fulda Gap" never became a hot war zone. But being in Mahlwinkel and getting a sense of what could have been is a stunning addition to the game of paintball for half a week. Tanks, artillery and the impressive Mil Mi-24 attack helicopter (known from Rambo III) made their home here. But one of the largest BigGames in the world also takes place on this site. With up to 2,000 participating players and a duration of four days, it is also one of the longest and with 25 years of history also one of the oldest paintball events worldwide. Since 1995 the game of paintball has changed a lot, like the EuroBigGame. However, one thing has always remained the same: Whether you are a scenario or fun player, league paintball player or absolute beginner, everyone comes together here and celebrate paintball as a large, colorful and sometimes a bit crazy community!

PBS: Thank you for this spectacular introduction Christian. You can hear straight away that this is about one of the big players in the field of paintball big games. When exactly will the Euro Big Game 2021 take place?

CHRISTIAN: We have learned from last year and have become a bit more flexible when planning for 2021. The planned date is of course, as usual, the weekend around Father's Day. That would be this year from 13.05. until 05/16/2021. However, should there be another postponement due to Corona, we have already set an alternative date that players should keep in mind. In the unlikely event of a postponement, the EBG would then later in the year from 23.09. until September 26th, 2021. Should that happen, all tickets for the May event would of course also be valid in September.

PBS: OK, that means you learned from last year's problems and offer an alternative right away. That's good and also shows that you are determined to definitely let the EBG 2021 take place. We think planning security is good for the players. Please tell us what changes visitors can look forward to on site this year.

CHRISTIAN: After the restructuring of the campsite and the new VIP concept were in the foreground last year, we have concentrated more on changes in the game for this year. Among other things, we will use a mobile in-game air and paint supply. This means that players can draw air and reload ammo on the field or directly at the entrances to the field. We want to shorten the walking distances and ensure even more effective playing time. After all, visitors come to us to play paintball and that is exactly what they should be able to do with even more comfort and shorter distances. Also, we have added new in-game units with tank support. Anyone who has ever visited an EBG will surely know the special units that intervene in the game from time to time. The new Panzertruppe will further develop this concept. This provides even more variety and a whole new game dynamic. But there will not only be tanks. Players can look forward to more special vehicles on the field. But we won't reveal what exactly.

PBS: So the focus this year is on gameplay evolution. The players will definitely be happy about that. How can a visitor imagine such a big game? How does it work?

CHRISTIAN: The game concept of the EuroBigGame is the result of 25 years of experience and takes into account the different needs of our players. The scenario will be played throughout the event. This means that at the end after 4 days a winning team can be chosen – red or blue. But that also means that you have to decide on a team in advance. As part of a special unit even at registration, to then lead your team to victory!

There are various missions during the event. – For those players who are less interested in complex mission structures or who don't want to play towards a single, big end goal all weekend long, the Euro Big Game also offers small hit-and-run missions as part of the main story, such as capture the flag and the Securing of buildings and objects that are distributed on the site. Speed is required here and very precise operations are important. Those who prefer more challenging and branching quests with more storyline can organize themselves into one of the eight units and follow the main story of the event with its numerous big missions. So everyone can decide for themselves how they want to play the event. In addition to the units, there are also armed scenario vehicles on the field, which represent a not inconsiderable enrichment for your own team and can lead to rapid changes in the balance of power again and again. There are five guided units per team. Led means that each unit has a team leader who directs the unit. In addition, each unit – depending on its type – has a certain special ability that is not available to other players. In these units you get crisper and more tactical scenario missions. You can secure the limited places in one of the units from the team leaders yourself before the event – but only with a bound ticket (red or blue) – and of course only in one unit of "your" team.

The special abilities of the units guarantee a big game experience of a very special kind:

Paratroopers: They can be dropped at any point on the field.

Infantry Units: They can call in and use artillery strikes.

Vehicle units: They support their own forces on the field with special scenario vehicles.

Special Forces: You gain skills depending on the task and operate in enemy hotspots.

PBS: Mega, that almost sounds like you're right in the middle of Call of Duty. Especially the special forces make an interesting impression. We would like to know how the event is structured around it. What can visitors expect on site?

CHRISTIAN: For example, we will continue our VIP concept with the lodges this year. These plots for luxury campers are heated living containers, each with two single beds. We introduced these for the first time last year and they have been extremely well received. The central meeting point for all players is of course the trade show in the middle of the large campsite area. Here you will find the big stage on which live music is played and the trade show in which numerous dealers and brands present the latest paintball products. As always, our catering crew will take care of your physical well-being. Be it with delicious food from breakfast to dinner, or with a cool beer in the evening after playing. Of course, we also have enough showers and sanitary facilities on site so that the players can freshen up properly after a long day on the field. Nothing is as good as a warm shower after eight hours of paintball. By the way, during the games our shuttle buses will again be driving back and forth between the campsite and the starting points. You really only have to run on the field here.

That was our interview with Christian Kammerer from the Euro Big Game. The Dino among the paintball big games will certainly be one of the highlights for the woodland and scenario groups again this year.


The organizer filed for bankruptcy in January 2021 as a result of the renewed corona-related lockdown. It is currently unclear whether the EBG will take place at all, and if so only under a new management. We apologize for any inconvenience.


We spoke to Bertl Wolowitz, the organizer of the Big Game scenario, and wanted to know what the SBG is all about and why it is definitely worth visiting again in 2021.

BERTL: The Scenario Big Game is the only major paintball hobby event. We are a team of dedicated players who run and plan the event in their free time. All income is reinvested. The guests use their entrance fee to develop their own event, so to speak. Our goal is not just to offer a paintball game, but a real festival. To do this, we give each SBG its own motto, which we then fill with design elements, outfits, story and stage program adapted to it. We are the only organizer to offer a hopper and magfed big game on two huge fields, and at the same time. In addition, with our original tanks in the game, we have another unique selling point that you won't find anywhere else as a player. Our festival offers four days of a wide variety of program items, from night games to bunker challenges, pistol matches and special games, so that there is something for everyone, whether tournament, woodie or magfed players. As a player, you simply take the program of the event and choose exactly the games and missions that you would like to play on the SBG weekend. If you don't feel like it, you can be entertained by our event camp program or you can (relaxedly) relax with friends on our campsite. The event is also intended to bridge the gap between game genres. Tournament players, Woodland gamers and MagFed teams come together here, each playing what they want for themselves during the day, and then partying together in the evening. As the organizer, I am always available for everyone on site and always have an open ear. In this way, I try to keep the family atmosphere for myself and my crew despite the huge event – that, in a nutshell, is the magic behind the SBG.

PBS: How was the last year for you as an event organizer?

BERTL: Well, the year 2020 was a roller coaster ride of emotions for us. Unfortunately, we were only able to run one scenario biggame instead of the usual two. But this one has really been able to overshadow everything that has gone before. The current situation is an extreme challenge for event organizers, no question about it. However, we are going about it as player- and customer-friendly as possible. In my opinion, our strategy of maximum transparency and goodwill has definitely paid off. This is how we never lost contact with our customers, despite the many postponements and cancellations.

PBS: That sounds like you made the best of the difficult situation. Great job. What are the exact event dates for the coming 2021 season?

BERTL: Two scenario big game events are planned for the coming year. We really want to get back to the old rhythm. The first event takes place from 29.04. until May 2nd, 2021 and is called TANKS. As the name suggests, the main focus here is on the topic of "tanks". For this event, we bought additional armored vehicles over the winter. So the players can look forward to a real tank battle. The second event next year will be something completely different. We organize an SBG Oktoberfest. The so-called SBG Wiesn Special, which runs from 02.09. to 05.09.2021, we are converting the staging area and the catering area into a real Oktoberfest. There will be a good atmosphere here, including a marquee band, white sausage and meadow beer. If you come to the event as a player, you are of course welcome to wear leather trousers. We would be particularly happy if as many visitors as possible supported the motto and we could celebrate a great SBG Oktoberfest together.

PBS: Those are really great prospects for the coming year. Especially the Oktoberfest sounds like a very cool idea. Are there any other plans?

BERTL: The SBG is actually constantly changing. No event is like the other and as already mentioned, we are constantly investing to develop the event further and to make it better from time to time. For example, despite Corona, we continued to invest heavily in the event in 2020 and introduced numerous innovations and changes. Every year we do a survey of what is important to the players and then try to implement that as far as we can – a new Magfed site is planned for 2021. In addition, the campsite will have 85 new pitches and an additional sanitary area. Then you also have showers, toilets and washing areas there and don't have to walk to the main building every time. We do this to further improve the service. The playing field will also be further expanded with a new field area that we will call Pipeline. As a further highlight, this year we are introducing the Time Trials Shooting Area by Greg Hastings as an additional side event for the players. We are also expanding the gastronomy area with two additional food trucks. But because that's not enough for us, we will install a new event sauna for you. There you can then relax together in the evening after the game. The sanitary facilities in the hostel area will also be completely renewed. There are also a lot of little things that can be improved. Our goal is to offer the best paintball festival in Europe and we work on it every day as best we can.

PBS: Wow! That sounds like a lot of work and as if the players can look forward to a lot of innovations in the coming year. How many participants do you actually expect for such an event?

BERTL: At SBG we have up to 1200 players, tickets are strictly limited. Our goal is not to keep growing, but simply to get better. For us, this also means, for example, that the infrastructure matches the number of players – quality over quantity is our motto. We have been fully booked at every event in recent years. Most recently within twelve hours of the opening of the registration. We hope, of course, that this will also be the case in 2021. By the way, despite Corona, we will not increase the prices! Instead, we continue to try to offer as much as possible for the lowest possible price.

PBS: Glad you brought it up. Because the price would have been our next keyword. What do players have to put on the table in order to be able to play in the SBG?

BERTL: We're currently at 69 euros for four/five days – all inclusive except for the paint and meals, of course. For this price you can play paintball with us for four event days from early in the morning until late at night. In addition, of course, camping at the campsite. You have showers and sanitary facilities on site and a great supporting program with a live band, raffles, the big trade show and much more. If you haven't been with us yet, you can see for yourself what's possible for about 15 euros per day… .

The Scenario Big Game events and also the numerous side events take place several times a year on the grounds of the Battleground paintball field in Brozek, Poland. This place is located just a few hundred meters behind the German border and is perfectly accessible by car. The field itself has an unimaginable size of 92 hectares, that is 920,000 square meters. A seemingly endless area that is made for big paintball events like the SBG. A trip is definitely worth it.

Our recommendation is therefore: check the holiday calendar, order a ticket, pack your things and then off to the Big Game scenario. Whether TANKS or the WIESN SPECIAL, we are sure that both events in 2021 will be highlights of the entire season. We wish all participants a lot of fun on site.

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