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Friday January 24, 2020


“Jägermeister, the blue ones have Jägermeister!” someone yells behind me. I turn around and see Evil Jared, the bassist of the Bloodhound Gang, who is about to ask two Red Troopers to come forward with him. All three jump up and run towards the fully occupied trenches, shooting wildly. – Of course they get lost in the hail of bullets, but they still come back with a smile at the end, because they can tell their grandchildren about this event.

It's the 3rd day of Scenario Big Game Numero 23 and I've experienced so much on these hot days at the end of August.

But let's jump back to the beginning. I arrived on Thursday afternoon, with my blue press vest, 3 cameras and lots of SD cards in my luggage. It's not my first visit here in Poland to Gotcha Nord, so I know there's no better food and cheaper beer when it comes to paintball. I definitely don't have to worry about the supply.

The campsite is well filled, each of the 1000 visitors has found a place, either in their own tent, in the mobile home they have brought with them, or in one of the many rooms in the main building.

When I register, I am suddenly faced with two very attractive nurses who hand me my press card and two patches. One says "Infected" and now I remember why the ladies dressed up so much. Not only paintball is played and celebrated here, but the S in the SBG stands for Scenario. Every mission of the coming days is part of a big story, it's about the production of a vaccine to fight a dangerous virus that threatens humanity. Only the vaccine and the successful completion of the game missions can save us all from the certain end. – That this story is not only written on paper, but is also really lived, you can see on every corner of the event area. Here was really worked with attention to detail and created a rousing scenery.

I spend the rest of the first day sightseeing in the trade show and having lots of good conversations with other players and visitors. Small comment on my part, the trade show could do with a little more variety. Here I would wish that a few more dealers from the scene would be represented.

On Friday morning I went to the MagFed event for the first time, which was to take place in a specially separated area, a little away from the main field. The troops were relocated in an air-conditioned bus or on the loading area of a flatbed truck and passed the 40-hectare BigGame field.

When I arrived at my destination, I quickly realized that there was also a food counter and a real bar with cool drinks, like a small event in the big paintball festival. The 250 players who were able to get hold of one of the MagFed tickets were divided into a green and a yellow unit and brought to their starting points on the really beautiful field. For the morning it was then a matter of sharpening the camera and capturing house fighting, conquering hills and bunkers at 100 FPS (frames per second) and beware of the numerous snipers. I really enjoyed it and was well involved in the events from both sides.

At around 2 p.m. I sat down on the flatbed truck and drove back to reality. After a delicious Asian meal, I started editing the MagFed video and was looking forward to the evening. The 6-piece cover band "Right Now" from Berlin was supposed to perform on a stage that I had expected at a real music festival. And after a short warm-up phase, they were able to carry the somewhat unusual audience well and kept the mood going until late into the night.

On Saturday morning I strengthened myself for the day at the really rich breakfast buffet and went to the big game field. Here about 700 players should fight for the rare and precious ingredients for the antidote. Supported by real in-game tanks and numerous other vehicles, every meter was fought for on the site. And suddenly I hear Evil Jared stoking his comrades next to me. I knew he was booked to DJ at the festival tonight, but seeing him here next to me was a nice surprise. I accompany him a bit and quickly realized that he likes to go to the areas that hurt a little. He keeps charging for the front cover and banging his Luxe around Rambo-style. If you turn around once, he is already 3 covers further or stands on one of the tanks and drives right behind the enemy lines. He's really having fun here at SBG.

Later he tells me that this isn't his first time playing paintball, but he's never seen an event like this, even in the US there aren't many BigGames like this. In general, everyone I meet is enthusiastic about this event, even the old SBG veterans tell me that Bertl, the boss of the whole thing, has something new at the start for every event and still puts a shovel on top of it. How he does it remains a mystery to me, the entrance fees have been almost the same for 10 years, this 4-day event costs just as much as a box of paintballs in other fields. In addition to the Big Game and the MagFed Event, there are other events over the 4 days. -I'll just say zombie night, pistol duels, magfed courses, a bubble ball tournament, a first strike shooting contest where you shoot at targets over 100 meters away and lots of good music. It doesn't matter whether it's live bands, Evil Jared as a DJ or a massive electro bunker party underground. Here everyone gets their money's worth and for a really small dollar.

When I go home on Sunday, the field is already being played again. The main event ended with a big award ceremony on Saturday evening. Team tactics short TT, which was represented on the field in the color blue, leaves the field as the winner. Nevertheless, everyone celebrated, sang and drank together. It is already clear to me that next year on April 30th I will be on my way to SBG #24, because there is nothing comparable in Europe at the moment. Basically, there are many nice BigGames in Europe, but this one is really unique.

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