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Monday June 28, 2021

Guest at Paintball Revolution in Ennepetal

In 2021 we will continue our Spielfeldcheck series of articles. We visit a field for you in every issue and make a detailed report for you in which we inform you about the key data of the field and the special features of the individual systems. This time we are guests for you at the freshly renovated facility of Playpaintball.de REVOLUTION in NRW. The operators used the long corona-related break and rebuilt the old park from scratch. The entire area has been redesigned and transformed into a cool game world with end-time character.

We are guests at Paintball Revolution in Ennepetal. The playing field has been one of the very successful facilities of the PlayPaintball.de operator group since 2018. The Paintball Revolution field is just one of four currently spread across North Rhine-Westphalia. As with all paintball fields from PlayPaintball.de, no expense or effort was spared with the brand new facility in Ennepetal. The theme of the Paintball Revolution facility is a post-apocalyptic world in the style of MadMax or Fallout. Not much can be seen of the "old Playaintball.de Revolution" anymore, the facility has practically been completely rebuilt. The entire infrastructure on site has been revised & improved, for example there are completely new seating areas for customers, a new container system for registration, new toilets, a revised air supply, large barbecue areas, and much more. A lot has happened in the fields too. They have been restructured from the ground up. In addition, numerous new coverings were installed and a lot of decoration was brought up. One of the many highlights of the newly designed playing fields is a large tanker truck, which will henceforth serve as cover for paintball-hungry adventurers. You can also play here in the late evening hours, because the operators have also installed a complete floodlight system. In the future it will also be possible to play on the currently separate playing fields as a whole as one large field using movable nets. This will give the BigGames that take place on Saturdays and Sundays a whole new flair and offer a number of playful opportunities.

We met Managing Director Niklas Bober on site and wanted to know what players from the region can look forward to at the new facility. During our visit, Niklas not only let us take a look behind the scenes, but also showed us around the new facility and introduced us to the individual pitches. But first to what we experienced on our day trip at Paintball Revolution.

It's Saturday morning. After a short drive we arrived at the Paintball Revolution parking lot in Ennepetal. In front of us is the entrance to the facility. Directly behind it we find the registration, the starting point for today's paintball adventure. What is immediately noticeable is the structured structure. We are often on the go on paintball fields and with most of them you just have the feeling that you are going to a paintball facility. As with the other PlayPaintball.de facilities, this one is somehow different. We feel more like amusement park visitors, because the theme of the park, with its elaborate backdrops, begins at the entrance and casts a spell over us. As already explained in the text above, the theme of the facility is an end-time landscape of all MadMax and as a visitor you really get to feel that from the first minute. Sure, it's still paintball, but you're a little amazed at how much more experience character is offered here. After our group has been properly registered, we first go to the briefing. Everything is on topic here too. The briefing is more reminiscent of a Call of Duty mission briefing than a paintball safety briefing. The guys really pull the issue through here. After the briefing we finally get our paintball equipment.

Everyone gets a marker, a protective mask and paintballs. So it can finally start! Since our group consists of more than eight people, we even have the opportunity to play all by ourselves. It's definitely a lot more relaxed, because the newcomers among us were a bit afraid at first that they'd be shot down directly by the pros. The organizers solved that really well, we can play with or against other groups at any time if we want, but we don't have to. So we'll keep to ourselves for the first few rounds, get used to the equipment and explore the brand new playing fields. What is also new for us is the game mode. At Paintball Revolution you play through all the playing fields once during your visit. The field changes after every 3 rounds. In addition, there is a game master on each field who divides the teams, guides them through the day and tells everyone when it is their turn.

Even if there are problems with the equipment or you have other questions, you will be helped very quickly and professionally. As we know from the past, it is not a matter of course that you always have a direct contact person at your side. Managing director Niklas explains the principle behind it to us. "It's completely normal for us, we always want to be approachable for the customer and offer them an even better experience. As a visitor to our park, you should feel comfortable. For us, this means that the customer does not have to worry about anything except his paintball experience. If the equipment goes on strike, one of our field managers is on hand to provide a replacement. If you need new paintballs or just don't know how to get to the next playing field, then you always have a contact person in your area who can help you." This principle sounds like a lot of service and it seems to be working. The processes on the system appear very fluid. Long waiting times? – None! We play round after round until we run out of ammo. While we then take a short breather and some go out to buy a few more bags of paintballs, the field manager calls out to us that it will soon be our turn again. So fill the marker with new ammunition, fill the mask and it's on to the next field. You really don't need to worry about anything, everything is perfectly organized. We have rarely experienced that on paintball fields, but it is well received. After about three hours we are flat. We have successfully completed each of the three playing fields and both the players and the ammunition are simply exhausted. It was a mega experience, but also really exhausting. Some of the playing fields are really big and due to the adrenaline released while playing, you don't really notice how much you're actually moving. We are already sure of a good sore muscles the following day. Now it's time for a little reward, so let's finish off with a round of cold drinks. You can of course also buy these on site. But if you want, you can even bring your own, the organizer is really accommodating here. While enjoying our drink we watch the other players on the fields. We notice that some of them seem to be significantly better equipped than we were. We see assault rifles, SWAT signs and smoke grenades fly through the air. We want that too! "You can always book something like this as an upgrade with us," Niklas tells us. “This makes the games even more varied and exciting. In this way you can get a whole new gaming experience on your next visit. The same map, but new, cool items so to speak.” – We like that. While we finish our drink and slowly pack our things for the way home, we are already planning the next trip to Paintball Revolution, because the thought of reliving the same game again with different requirements and the cool additional features really appeals to us.

Our conclusion of the new system, simply brilliant. You really dive into a completely different world here. The new playing fields are super detailed and varied and the possibilities and variations offered by the different game modes and the additional items are really huge and always provide new action. So if you fancy a really cool and brand new paintball facility, PlayPaintball Revolution in Ennepetal is the right place for you. In any case, we are completely convinced and would love to come back.

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