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TFX E-Hopper – The new loader from HK Army
Friday July 15, 2016

HK-Army has created a technical masterpiece with the new TFX Paintball E-Hopper . The Hopper has some impressive new features that set it apart from the competition. With the HK-Army TFX Paintball E-Hopper, the typical weak points have been completely eliminated. This is because some well-known paintball teams were involved in the development and shared their years of experience in paintball sports with the engineers and designers.

The HK Army Paintball E-Hopper: The features of the TFX

For the production of the new hopper, HK-Army used high-quality and, above all, robust materials. This decision alone guarantees a long service life for the hopper. Examples of this are the plastics that have been reinforced with nylon. The high material quality is underlined by the swoop stack and soft paddles, both of which underline the unique construction of the hopper. The HK-Army TFX has an impressively high rate of fire, even with extremely fragile paintballs. The firing rate is a good 22 BPS (Balls-Per-Second).

Another plus of the HK Army Hopper is that the translation of the monitor can be changed later if desired. This also greatly improves the game with tournament paintballs. When you buy it, you also get a stylish soft case so that the hopper is always safely packed.

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