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Techservice – The paintball workshop
Wednesday August 3, 2022

We repair your paintball marker!

When it comes to repairing a high-quality paintball marker, you need a tech service – the Paintball Sports paintball workshop is the right contact person here. This work should not be left to inexperienced laymen or to chance. For this reason, we employ highly qualified and experienced technicians in our paintball marker workshop who know almost every paintball marker model inside out and have been familiar with it for years.

Techservice – The paintball workshop

Our workshop has all the technical equipment and spare parts needed to service and repair almost all current paintball marker models on the market. From the small O-ring to the solenoid valve or entire replacement housing, our warehouse offers everything you need for a professional repair.

Paintball Markierer Werkstatt und Techservice

Where can I get my paintball marker repaired?

Right here with us! Our workshop is always manned as we have an experienced paintball marker technician employed full-time. To book a paintball marker tech service, simply visit the appropriate category in our online shop, select your marker model and complete the purchase as you would with a normal item.

Technical help and support for all paintball marker models

In addition to the classic workshop service for paintball markers, we also offer you the so-called help for self-help. On our Paintball Sports Youtube channel you will find many videos about paintball marker technology. This allows many small and medium-sized problems to be fixed quickly and easily. You don't always have to spend expensive money on a technician. If you get stuck with the videos, we are of course at your disposal. Our technicians will get your marker up and running again very quickly.

By the way, you can find all further information about our Technservice offer on the page entitled Paintball Marker Techservice . Simply click on the link or follow the footer at the bottom of our page.

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