Tasmanian Tiger / TT SGL Mag Pouch MKII

Tasmanian_Tiger_SGL_Mag_Pouch_MKII TT_SGL_Mag_Pouch_MKII_Multicam_1 Tasmanian_Tiger_SGL_Mag_Pouch_MKII_back Tasmanian_Tiger_SGL_Mag_Pouch_MKII_tan Tasmanian_Tiger_SGL_Mag_Pouch_MKII_oliv
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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger SGL Mag Pouch MKII MC (Multicam)

Compressible universal magazine pouch with removable, height-adjustable lid and bungee cord closure. When used with a cover flap, this can be closed either with Velcro or a buckle, the buckles are also completely removable.


- To be used as a spare bag

- Quick access during use with Velcro

- Elastic cord closure

- Secured by detachable 25mm clasp

- Removable bungee cord compression

- Can be used as a BEL version by removing the closure flap

- Fits a G36 magazine, AR15, etc.

- MOLLE reverse system

- Requires two MOLLE loops

- Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 4 cm

- Weight: 150g

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