Tasmanian Tiger / TT OC Spray Holster 38/110 (black)

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Product description

Tasmanian Tiger OC Spray Holster 38/110

Belt holster for pepper spray. The TT OC Spray Holster 38/110 has a sewn loop for attachment to the belt and a Velcro loop, with which an already upgraded belt can be easily retrofitted. For quick access, it closes with a Velcro fastener that can be easily pulled up using a grip tab.


- Can be attached directly to the belt with a loop

- Velcro closure at the back

- Suitable for sprays with a diameter of up to 38mm and a maximum height of 110mm

- Easy to open thanks to the hypalon handle on the closure

- Fast access during use with Velcro

- Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 3 cm

- Weight: 40g

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