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TAGINN paintball grenades
Monday March 5, 2018

Buy TAGINN paintball grenades at Paintball Sports

Hardly any other product in the woodland paintball scene is so eagerly awaited as the TAGINN brand grenades. For years, players across Germany have been waiting for these products to finally be approved for the German market. At the beginning of 2018, we sat down with TAGINN owner Mark Buttman to finally find a solution to the problem and import the popular products to Germany.

We are currently still working on the finer details, but we are sure that we will receive approval for the products in the future. As long as this is not the case, we would like to use the time and give you some preliminary information about the TAGINN product range. In this case, it's all about the grenades and what exactly makes them so special.

The TAGINN paintball grenades – high quality, effective & simply better!

TAGINN has been working on its products for a long time and the result is a paintball grenade that is unparalleled in terms of quality, appearance, handling and effect. No other model from the numerous manufacturers such as Enolagaye, TLSFX and others is currently able to deliver anything comparable. For this reason, it is also very important to us to finally have these products approved for Germany.

All TAGINN grenades are based on the original in size and function. Only the weight is different to prevent injuries, after all it is still a product for leisure and action sports.

TAGINN currently offers 7 different grenade models, which we would like to introduce to you below. Then you already know what a cool future awaits you in our range.

The TAGINN paintball & airsoft grenades at a glance

Taginn R2B paintball paint grenade (yellow)

This hand grenade comes with Cal. 50 color balls filled, which are scattered in all directions when the TAGINN grenade explodes. The result is a marker of the surrounding targets with lots of yellow paint splatters. The target is clearly marked and taken out of play. The explosion of the grenade is quite loud, but completely harmless. The color can easily be washed out again.

Taginn R2Bs Airsoft Grenade with Fragmentation Effect (Red)

This grenade was specially developed for airsoft players, but is also becoming increasingly popular with paintballers for use in house fights. During the explosion, several hundred airsoft balls are distributed in all directions in a radius of up to 15m. Targets in the immediate vicinity hear a loud bang and clearly perceive the impact of fragments (BB's). You are out of the game.

Taginn R2Bm powder-filled grenade

The perfect simulation grenade for all training scenarios, be it police, military or security agencies. The explosion makes a loud bang and a dense cloud of colored powder is scattered in close proximity to the seat of the explosion. Targets close to the blast will be covered with the powder and can be clearly identified for later battle analysis. Also very popular with paintball & airsoft players.

Taginn Tag-67 Eggs-.Hand grenade in the original design

This grenade is particularly popular in military training, as it is 1:1 similar in appearance and function to the well-known and very widespread M67 hand grenade. Like the R2BS, the TAG-67 is also filled with Airsoft BBs, which spread out in the direct vicinity of the explosion with a fragmentation effect and mark the targets.

TAGINN Tactical Smoke Grenade / smoke grenade

As the name suggests, this is a smoke grenade. Also worth mentioning here is the particularly good effect and the true-to-original handling with rocker arm. Just like a real military smoke grenade. TAGINN has also placed great value on originality with its latest product. The efficiency is definitely very good, the grenade delivers high smoke output and dense fog.

Taginn FBG-6 Flashbang grenade for distraction

Paintball & Airsoft players love this model. The FBG-6 Flashbang is thrown into a room before entering and irritates the opponent with a loud bang and a bright flash. The ideal decoy for storming the enemy base.

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