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Shocker RSX – The new marker from Smart Parts
Friday July 15, 2016

For a few years nothing was heard from the Shocker, now in 2015 it has undergone a comprehensive upgrade. The Smart Parts Shocker RSX has been extensively revised and its properties optimized. Thanks to the OLED board, you can now easily customize it to suit your needs, for example. In addition, necessary updates are now child's play even for a layman, the marker only has to be connected to your computer via USB.

Thanks to the revision of the bolt and the newly integrated spool valve technology, the marker has hardly any recoil (kick) and consumes significantly less air. Maintenance is also very easy. No tools are required to remove the bolt. A push of a button is all it takes to unlock the Shocker RSX's bolt. The care and maintenance of a paintball marker really couldn't be easier. Furthermore, the Shocker RSX also has a tubeless design, which guarantees optimal handling.

The RSX is supplied with air via the body of the marker directly into the regulator. The Smart Parts RSX also has integrated lever detents. This means the ball detents are fully spring loaded, allowing them to dodge the bolt, significantly reducing wear. Nevertheless, the paintballs are held securely in place by the lever detents.

Smart Parts Shocker RSX – the features

  • 14'' ALL AMERICAN freak barrel
  • OLED Board : Intuitive menus with simple trigger programming make setup and customization of the paintball marker quick and complicated.
  • Lever Detents
  • Spool valve technology : low weight in combination with a fine mechanical skeleton structure ensure that the marker masterpiece can play to its strengths. The RSX is not only responsive, the paintball marker has enough volume, has hardly any recoil (kick) and works in the low-pressure range. This makes the RSX extremely gentle on paint
  • Quick release bolt
  • USB Updates : The standard USB connection on the RSX board makes updating the marker as easy as downloading music onto a USB stick.
  • Tool-free cleaning : With just a push of a button, the RSX Power Plant is unlocked. This eliminates the need for tools to access the bolt and valve. After the maintenance is done, the RSX Power Plant is simply pushed back into position and locks automatically.
  • Integrated Regulator : CNC machined from a single piece of alloy, the Shocker RSX regulator housing fits almost seamlessly into the marker's body. Soft flowing lines in a compact yet lightweight marker that has significantly fewer leak points than previous models.
  • Carry Case : From home, to the field or to the tournament, your Shocker RSX is always protected with the Carry Case.
  • Q-Lock Feedneck
  • Precision's trigger

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