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Wednesday November 22, 2023

At this point we would like to take another look at the results of the 2023 tournament season with you. Let's take a look at the final ranking of DPL, ICS and Co. Who is the German champion and who are the ambitious promoted teams that will attack a league higher next year? Here you can find out…

It felt like the 2023 paintball season went by extremely quickly. After a long wait over the winter, most leagues only started with the first matchdays in May and then had the final matchday in August. After just four months of the tournament season, we unfortunately have to wait another eight months until next year. If you want to sweeten the waiting time a little, you have the chance outside of the league at various season closing cups, youth tournaments such as the Paintball Rookie Open, the big 7-man cup in Hildesheim or the NXL Europe. But first we want to take a look at the past season and see who was ahead in the individual leagues and divisions.


Let's start with the currently largest German paintball league, the DPL. This year there were 91 teams competing for points in 6 different leagues, from the district league all the way up to the Bundesliga. The German DPL champions this year were the Droogs Frankfurt team, which, to the surprise of many, was backed by the VIRST Factory team with experienced pro players from abroad. Nevertheless, the team impressed in terms of play and deservedly won the championship trophy. In second and third place are the Offenburg Comin@Ya and Dortmund BALLERN teams. again.


The UGPL (United German Paintball League), which has a Germany-wide overall ranking of the leagues X-Series, ICS, Core. P.Uff and WIP held their own national final for the first time this year and crowned their German champions there. The best German teams from all of the leagues mentioned above will compete in the UGPL final. The final was held at Paintball Schwalmstadt and, in addition to lots of tournament paintball, also had a cool trade show with lots to offer. This event was particularly interesting for spectators who are new to the sport and would like to get to know the sport better in a cool stadium atmosphere.


Now let's move on to ICS. This is not only currently the second largest league or tournament series in German paintball, but also the undisputed number one in the Berlin area and even in all of Eastern Germany. In 2023, a total of 48 teams were registered in the ICS in four divisions of different strengths. This year, as in the previous year, the team Braindead Emsdetten was able to secure the title in the ICS Pro Division. Some of the players are now already wearing their second, golden ICS Pro Division ring on their finger.

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