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Savings package – Valken paintball markers
Friday July 15, 2016

Anyone looking for a reliable overall package as a beginner is well served with the Valken Proto paintball marker savings package. The scope of delivery of the inexpensive overall package includes:


The E-Pneumat Valken Proton has an extremely compact design and is particularly impressive for beginners thanks to its low weight. Nevertheless, the Valken Proton cannot necessarily only be described as a beginner's paintball marker, since the paintball gun can easily keep up with marker models from the competition, such as the Proto Rail, the Etha or the Dangerous Power G 5 due to its performance data. In short, if you choose a Valken Proton, you are definitely buying a reliable mid-range marker. Not only does this paintball gun have an extremely gentle shot pattern, the marker uses very little air and is relatively quiet compared to other markers in this class. Since the Valken Proton is made entirely of stable aircraft aluminum, the paintball marker can also handle operating errors without hesitation.


The Valken Proton has the typical Cocker barrel thread and immediately catches the eye due to the eye-catching styling of the frame and body. In addition to a redesign of the grip frame, the marker has break-beam eyes with integrated eye shields, on/off ASA w/purge, roller bearings with four-way adjustable Reveurce trigger. Thanks to the possibility of dismantling the engine without tools, the marker can of course be maintained extremely easily.


The Valken V-Max paintball hopper not only has a low dead weight, the hopper can be completely dismantled into its individual parts in just a few simple steps. This hopper has a maximum capacity of 220 paintballs and a feed rate of thirty paintballs per second. Since the Valken V Max has also been designed to be extremely robust, this hopper is of course the first choice for tournament players. A simple setup is possible without any problems. With a weight of around 430 grams including the batteries, the Valken V Max is currently one of the lightest hoppers on the market.

Due to the simple structure, the Valken V Max is only slightly susceptible to external disturbances. The hopper has soft paddies on the inside, which means that the paintballs are neither crushed nor damaged when reloading. Even brittle high-end tournament paintballs or reballs can be played with the Valken V-Max paintball loader without any problems.

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