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Friday July 15, 2016

The first real action paintball markers were developed and implemented in Hong Kong by a currently rather unknown company. The reason for the development was to be able to offer the military and the authorities a training device that is very close to the original weapons in use and thus enables them to train realistically. After 1998, the demand for real action markers increased rapidly, so that other companies also developed RAM paintball guns. These companies also include B. RAP4, which have successfully established their own RAM models with their own modifications on the market for years.

These markers come in the more unusual paintball format of Cal. 43 or Cal. 50 used. The RAM markers are usually operated with CO2 cartridges that are integrated in the magazines. In addition to paintballs, there are various types of ammunition such as: rubber balls, powder balls or pepper balls. This marker species almost disappeared from the scene.

Actually rather uninteresting for the paintball sport, they are recently enjoying renewed popularity among MagFed players. Due to the compact design of the pistols and the proximity to realism, they have secured their place in the MagFed area. Well-known manufacturers here are UMAREX and RAP4. However, the long guns are not represented at all in the paintball area, this may also be due to the flight behavior of the Cal. 43 paintballs, which is significantly worse than that of the Cal. 68 or First Strike Paintballs.

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