RAP4 Helix Magazine - First Strike Ready (Desert / Tan)

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Product description

The new RAP4 Helix DMags are not only suitable for First Strike paintballs as standard, but thanks to their special design they also have an enormous capacity of 20 shots, and that with a constant, trouble-free feed rate.

Unlike other magazines, the Helix DMag does NOT have to be laboriously preloaded with a spring, but the magazine is simply tensioned with the help of the Helix Dmag Loading Rod (loading rod), see accessories.

The magazines can be completely dismantled without tools, which significantly simplifies maintenance and cleaning. No savings have been made in terms of workmanship and quality either.

ATTENTION - To use the Helix DMags, the marker must have a RAP4 MagFed Conversion Kit with a suitable magazine mount (Magwell) for DMags!

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