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Monday January 22, 2018

Paintball Sports, your RAM shop

For some time we have also been offering various RAM weapons , accessories and ammunition in our online shop. We are particularly proud of our large range of Cal. 43 paintballs for RAM weapons . No other provider in Europe currently offers its customers a comparable selection. We currently offer our customers 7 different color variants. We will expand this range even further in the course of the year.

In addition to the RAM color balls, we also offer the complete range of other types of ammunition. Among other things Cal. 43 Pepperballs, rubber bullets for RAM weapons or the popular Powderballs in the Cal. 43


Buy RAM guns at Paintball Sports

In addition to our paintball marker range, we now also offer a small but fine selection of high-quality RAM weapons. From pistols to assault rifles, there is something for every taste.

So that we can always offer you the best quality, we rely on the quality markers from the Umarex and Walther brands. These are very well known in the RAM scene and have proven themselves in use over many years.

RAM Paintballs – Cal. 43 ammo in all variants

Of course we also offer you a large selection of Cal. 43 ammunition for all purposes. Below is a brief overview of the existing types of ammunition and their areas of application.

cal 43 color balls

These so-called paintballs consist of a gelatine shell filled with paint. The ammunition is ideal for marking people and objects. It is usually used in sports and competitions. Eg playing paintball at MagFed and scenario events. RAM pistols are usually the player's backup weapon for tight terrain situations.

cal 43 powder balls

This ammunition has a hard wax shell and is filled with a powder that atomizes on impact with a hard surface creating a cool effect. The kinetic bullet energy is quite high, so these bullets are suitable for self-defense, for training, or for paintball and airsoft players.

cal 43 Pepperballs / Pepper Bullets

As the name suggests, this Cal. 43 ammo filled with pepper extract. The shell is made of a hard plastic material and bursts open when hitting a hard surface. This releases the pepper filling and irritates the eyes and mucous membranes. An attacker is quickly and reliably put out of action with just a few hits.

cal 43 rubber balls / rubber bullets

This RAM ammunition consists of a hard rubber material. The balls can be reused almost infinitely and are therefore ideal for training. These paintballs can also be used to defend people without leaving any residue.

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