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PYROTAC smoke grenades for paintball & airsoft
Thursday June 14, 2018

PYROTAC – The new high-end smoke grenade

From now on we offer you the new Pyrotac brand smoke bombs in our online shop. Pyrotac smoke grenades are based on the size and shape of the training smoke grenades used by the police, military and other authorities. They have a very high quality finish and, in addition to a large, stable plastic housing with a large pyrotechnic charge, also offer the usual features that are known from training devices from the military sector , namely the popular rocker arm and a 2-stage safety pin that you first remove to the side before the ignition must turn and only then can it be pulled out.

In addition, there is an attractive look in the design of the well-known M18 smoke grenade . This provides an additional highlight for every piece of equipment. Many players like to attach smoke grenade dummies to their tactical vests to improve their visual appearance. The Pyrotac smoke grenades cost the same as a reasonable dummy grenade in specialist shops, but still offer the full functionality of a normal smoke bomb . So you have an attractive design paired with full functionality.

Pyrotac grenades offer maximum smoke development & realistic handling

The Pyrotac M18 smoke grenade is also unparalleled in terms of effectiveness. It is not for nothing that this product is also popular with police units, security services, authorities and for training purposes with the military .

Due to the 1:1 operation like a real, modern smoke grenade, you can train with this product excellently and with optimal effect and at a fraction of the price of real, military smoke grenades. While a normal M18 smoke grenade costs between 60-80 euros in a specialist shop, the Pyrotac M18 is available from as little as 17 euros (volume discount) and offers optimal results.

Buy Pyrotac smoke grenades at Paintball Sports

Of course we offer you the full range of colors for Pyrotac smoke grenades . The Pyrotac M18 model is available from us in 8 different color variants. You can choose between blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, white and black.

Pyrotac – Modern pyrotechnics in first-class quality

The Pyrotac brand primarily stands for perfect workmanship, attractive design and excellent quality . Pyrotac's goal is not to compete with other suppliers for a cheap product, but to develop a product that meets the highest demands and that the user can rely on in every game situation or training session.

According to these standards, Pyrotac products are manufactured and checked in subsequent quality control, so that when they are used they simply do what they are supposed to do, namely work perfectly and without compromise.

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