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Push Unite – The new high-end paintball mask
Monday September 25, 2017

THE UNITE – The new PUSH paintball mask

Hardly any other mask manufacturer has caused as much excitement in the scene in recent months as Push.

The development team is new, but has many years of experience in the sport of paintball, made up exclusively of active and former professional players. There are also a few well-known designers who have also had a hand in other top-class products in recent years.

This concentrated load of expertise is also noticeable in the product design. The Push Unite paintball mask has some features and gimmicks that no other manufacturer has had on the screen so far. These small but subtle differences, coupled with a very high product quality, make the Push UNITE mask a hot contender for the top mask for the coming season.

What does the Push Unite do better than other masks?

In principle, most high-end paintball masks hardly take anything. They all have thermal glasses, are light and yet robust and are between 100 and 200 euros in price.

Push has certainly not reinvented the wheel either, but it has paid close attention to the small details and integrated a few excellent innovations into its mask, which we will certainly see from other manufacturers soon. Success, quality and innovation always prevail in the end.

Here is an overview of the most important innovations of the Push Unite mask:

1. Individually adjustable mask view

This feature is unique worldwide. With the push mask, the player can use an Allen key and a screw in the area of the tip of the nose to change the position of the foam individually according to their wishes. Players often have the problem that the mask foam is too tight or too far away from the nose. The mask only has one size. This problem is now a thing of the past. With the Push Unite mask, every player can adjust their mask foam the way they like it best.

2. Chin strap with magnetic closure

The chin strap has been mandatory at all events worldwide for about 2 years and is an indispensable part of the protective equipment. Push was the first manufacturer to develop a system with a magnetic closure that can be operated quickly and with just one hand. Ideal for players who come off the field and still have the marker or the pot in their hand and still want to get the mask off their head as quickly as possible. A very pleasant improvement.

3. Hard shell mask case in 3D design

Each Push Unite mask comes with a hard-shell transport case in the form of a 3D negative of the mask. The case protects the mask and especially the glass during transport. This accessory alone costs around 30 to 40 euros from other manufacturers. This addition puts the purchase price of the mask into perspective again.

4. The Anti-Reflection Bridge

This is a narrow bar above the mask glass. It covers the ventilation opening and prevents rain and sunrays from penetrating from above. This ensures a cloud-free field of vision without reflections and water droplets on the inside of the lens.

Of course, these innovations are only part of the overall package. Of course, the Push Unite also has numerous features that you would expect from high-end paintball masks as standard. Among other things, soft, 3-layer mask foam, high-quality, anti-reflective thermal glasses, a padded chin strap, soft-ear pices and much more.

In any case, we are sure that the Push Unite paintball mask will find its place on the market. The price is not exactly cheap, but the product features and the promised quality fully justify it. In any case, we are positively surprised and look forward to the new mask model.

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