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Proto Maxxed Rail Dye Power Saver Pack
Friday July 15, 2016

For paintball beginners, the Proto Maxxed Rail Dye Power savings package is a good choice because the package combines the best of DYE and Proto at a reasonable price. The Proto Maxxed Rail can definitely be described as the perfect marker for beginners. The performance and quality can hardly be topped. Furthermore, the famous DYE Rotor Hopper is included in the Proto Maxxed Rail Dye Power savings package. The hopper has a capacity of two hundred paintballs and boasts a feed rate of 30 bps.

The housing of the DYE Rotor Hopper has been designed to be extremely robust, which means that it can easily withstand severe "abuse". The hopper definitely lives up to DYE, because the manufacturer of paintball accessories is a leader in quality. The paintball mask included in the package is also from DYE. The i4 is currently one of the lightest and most robust paintball masks available on the market.

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