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Friday August 18, 2023


Welcome to a new product test. At the risk of reporting being monotonous now that we've featured a Planet Eclipse marker several issues in a row, we're doing it again! The new Planet Eclipse GTEK180R is simply worth a detailed report because it once again sets new standards in terms of quality, performance and design in the mid-range price segment. Since it has been on the market for a few weeks, we had enough time to get an idea for ourselves and to test the GTEK180R extensively. Between us, you don't need a CS3 or LV2 anymore, the GTEK180R shoots so well that it completely convinced us. Here's all the info…


The GTEK170R was Planet's midrange marker for several years. A solid model that somehow never really made it onto the market. The big flagships of the Planet Eclipse CS2 and CS2 Pro series were too overwhelming and present. In our opinion, with the GTEK180R this will now change a bit. The new model convinces not only with a very simple but extremely attractive design, but also with its inner values. In terms of performance, the new Planet Eclipse GTEK180r offers almost as much as a CS2 Pro and in some places even a lot more. The completely redesigned OP-R Core bolt system of the GTEK180R is similar to that of the brand new CS3 and is therefore clearly superior to both the bolt of the predecessor model GTEK170R and the CS2 Pro in terms of power, performance and air efficiency. The working pressure is an incredibly low 120 PSI, which is really a house number in the mid-range area. During the test shooting we were really impressed. Not only that even the most brittle paint comes out of the marker intact and without any problems, we also only knew the shot feeling from "real" high-end models. The 180R hardly kicks at all, it is extremely quiet and the trigger is already set so well out of the box that you can easily shoot over everything that comes your way.

The Shaft S63 barrel system, which has been specially adapted for the GTEK180R and also has the PWR inserts that Planet Eclipse has been using in all new marker models since last season, ensures the necessary precision. The PWR sleeves allow the inner diameter of the barrel to be perfectly adapted to the paintballs used. In addition, there are PWR sleeves with different inner diameters to buy later. The principle is similar to that of all other running sets with sleeves, eg the well-known Smart Parts Freak Set. Here you can also save the money for a tuning barrel, the S63 barrel of the GTEK180R already ensures maximum precision ex works.

Other innovations of the GTEK180R include the latest generation of quick-change grips, which can be removed from the marker without tools. In addition, the latest MME board (Modular Marker Electronics Package) and the extremely slim "Purge" Pops On/Off ASA adapter at the bottom of the grip. The proven components from the previous models, such as the extremely constant SL6 inline regulator, the completely tool-free design (eye cover, grip shells, battery compartment, eyes, etc. can be accessed without tools) and various other features (see product details on page 50) round off the package and make this marker a real game changer. With all these features alone, the new Planet Eclipse GTEK180R should always be on the lookout for when looking for a new tournament marker. It doesn't always have to be the very expensive high-end model, because if a mid-range marker delivers such performance data as the GTEK180R, then the air for all other models around it becomes extremely thin. After our test, we're not just fans of the GTEK180R, we're really convinced across the board. With this model, you can go to the start with a good feeling even in the higher leagues without any problems and you will definitely bring home your points. Planet once again delivers across the board. We personally particularly like the look of the marker. The GTEK180R is almost the most beautiful Planet Gun of the current series. Simply because it looks so extremely simple but still sporty and powerful.

So much for our report and conclusion on the new Planet Eclipse GTEK180R. We wish all GTEK180R players a lot of fun with the new model and lots of success on the field.

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