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Pro Shar Paintballs – Brand Quality Made in Russia
Monday November 13, 2017

Pro Shar Paintballs – Everyone should be familiar with this brand…

Every active paintballer has probably had contact with thePro Shar brand in one way or another over the past few months or years. Be it because you had Pro Shar's paintballs in your marker on the field, or maybe because the opponent was using them and you were at least shot at with them.

The Pro Shar brand has become a fixture in the international paintball circus over the last 3-4 years thanks to a very aggressive marketing concept and has asserted itself against numerous competitors, especially in Europe.

Paintballs from Russia? – Can they what?

The answer is a resounding YES. Even though Russia has never been known as a great nation of paintball manufacturers in the past, the Russians have numerous very successful teams around the world, including the most famous Russian team, the Russian Legion. This not only plays in the American top league NXL and before that in the NPPL, but they also travel to numerous other tournaments and events around the world.

Part of the experience of this team migrated as know-how and feedback to paintball production in distant Russia, where Pro Shar has been running the only Russian paintball factory for years.

The formula and the processing of the color balls is improved from year to year. Pro Shar paintballs are already among the best that you can buy as a demanding player in Europe. In some cases, almost entire divisions play exclusively ProShar paintballs in the DPL.

Are Pro Shar paintballs interesting for beginners and how much do they cost?

The Paint is definitely interesting for every paintballer and definitely deserves to be given at least a chance in direct comparison with other brands. We are sure that the result will convince you. The paint flies very well, breaks well on target and doesn't hurt as much as many other paintball brands. This is particularly noticeable as a newcomer who usually buys rather cheap field paintballs.

There is definitely something for every taste in the Pro Shar range. Starting with the inexpensive entry-level paint called Skirmish , through the premium version with an even more brittle shell and thicker filling, to the high-end tournament ball with league quality. In addition, there is the Pro Shar Ice, a winter paint that runs smoothly in every marker even in the Russian winter, as well as a Cal. 50 paintball balls for kids paintball guns.

As you can see, the range really leaves nothing to be desired. We give the Pro Shar brand a very clear buy recommendation. Certainly not the cheapest ball on the market, but a top product at a fair price that makes it worth paying a few euros more per box.

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