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Powerhouse GEN II Paintball Regulator Review
Friday October 5, 2018

The new Powerhouse GEN II Paintball HP Regulator

The company Powerhouse comes from the USA and builds with the Powerhouse GEN 2 one of the highest quality paintball regulators currently available on the market.

Powerhouse uses only the best materials and relies on a compact, simple design with great features. For example, the Powerhouse Gen II Paintball HP Regulator can be easily adjusted in terms of working and output pressure by exchanging a small, color-coded pin inside.

In order to save weight, Powerhouse relies on ultra-light and very small micro burst disks, which also create a pleasant surface on which the player cannot get stuck unnecessarily or injure himself.

The Powerhouse regulators are currently only available for 300 bar / 4500 PSI HP systems and cylinders. Everything else would not make sense at a price that is well over 100 euros.

After the first product tests, we can definitely say that this new product is definitely worth the money and that as a player you can enjoy it for a long time and without any problems.

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