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PowAir Performance Line HP systems – The new high-end standard
Tuesday January 21, 2020

The new high-end HP systems from PowAir

The PowAir brand drew attention to itself this year with high-quality HP bottles and remote systems. Now the inexpensive premium manufacturer is preparing to conquer the market for ultra-light HP systems. With the new Performance Line series, a product that competes with the popular Armotech bottles has now appeared on the market for the first time.

Armotech vs. PowAir HP Bottle – The Comparison

We took a closer look at the new PowAir Performance Line HP bottles and compared them with the Armotech brand's usual market standard. The result not only surprised us, but also clearly speaks for PowAir, because the products are de facto almost the same in terms of size and weight. Nevertheless, PowAir is clearly ahead in terms of quality, design and price!

Let's go into a little more detail. Both HP bottles are approximately the same size at around 20cm long and around 11cm in diameter. Both bottles weigh about 800g and have a filling pressure of 300 bar with a capacity of 1.1 liters .

Now we come to the small but very important differences.

1. Processing

Armotech bottles are known for their high stability. So far, no other manufacturer has been able to keep up. PowAir even claims to exceed this standard. This is made possible by a completely new manufacturing process . While the inner aluminum cylinders of the Armotech surfaces are welded together from several components, the PowAir bottle core consists of a single piece of aluminum that is first brought into the bottle shape in a specially developed deep-drawing process and then tapered again in the upper area before you can cutting the thread at the back. This means that there are no weld seams and therefore no potential weak points in the core of the bottle .

The structure of the jacket is the same for both bottle variants. Both manufacturers wrap their core with fiberglass fiber and harden it with synthetic resin.

2. The design

While Armotech has given its products a simple look with an open fiberglass look, PowAir goes one step further here too. The result is a simple but very attractive design in a glossy black finish with the large PowAir brand logo and the Performance Line lettering above it. Sure, it's all about the looks here, but why shouldn't high-end just look cool?

3. The price difference

PowAir products are up to 20% cheaper than comparable Armotech products. This starts with the standard sizes of 0.8 liters and 1.1 liters. While an Armotech 1.1 liter bottle without a regulator costs around 170 euros, the comparison product from PowAir is already 10 euros less. The same applies to the 0.8 liter Performance Line bottle.

If you look further up in the price segment, you will see the biggest leap in the 1.5 liter bottles. Here, too, a PowAir model has been announced that will later be sold at around 180 euros. Armotech customers have to put up to 220 euros on the table here.

Finally, we want to compare the prices of the complete HP systems again. Here, too, PowAir is ahead by a nose, because again there is a price difference of 10 euros between the products. It should be noted in particular that the comparison was made here with an Armotech bottle with a cheap standard regulator. The in-house PowAir MAXREG regulator is already on the PowAir system. A significantly higher quality regulator version. An Armotech bottle with PowAir Reg would easily cost another 10-20 euros more at the shop counter.

So much for our overview of the new Performance Line HP System series from PowAir. The new bottles are already available in the shop and can be ordered. Other models have already been announced, so we can definitely be excited to see what surprises this new brand has in store for us in the coming months.

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