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Planet Paintball Shop – The paintball online shop from Berlin
Monday January 21, 2019

Of course, paintballers in Berlin also know Planet Paintball…

Anyone who comes from Berlin and plays paintball will certainly know the Planet Paintball online shop . This is one of the oldest providers in the scene and has been on the market for over 15 years.

Planet Paintball started on the eBay sales platform. After a few years, the in-house Planet Paintball online shop followed. To this day , Planet Paintball is one of the top dogs in the Berlin area when it comes to paintball sports. Operator Jan Schwarz has many years of specialist knowledge and is very familiar with the products on offer. As a customer, you will definitely get good and detailed advice here.

Why is Planet Paintball only available as an online shop?

The answer is as short as it is simple. An online shop just makes less work. Although Planet Paintball has a large range, it is and will remain a one-man business. Because the sale takes place exclusively on the online shop platform, the running costs are kept within limits. No long opening hours, no rent and practically no staff costs. This ensures a pleasant competitive advantage. As a customer, you still get full service and fast delivery times, even if you unfortunately have to do without a personal assessment of the selected products before you buy them.

Attention – do not confuse it with the Planet Paintball Nidda Paintball field…

If you are looking for Planet Paintball on the Internet, you can quickly get on the wrong track. In Hesse there is a paintball field that is also called Planet Paintball. However, no equipment is sold here, only paintball is played. Planet Paintball Nidda is one of the last large paintball halls in Germany.

Click here for the paintball online shop of the company Planet Paintball from Berlin – LINK

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