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Planet Eclipse's GTek
Friday July 15, 2016

With the GTEK, Planet Eclipse has brought a new type of mid-range spool valve marker onto the market. The marker closes the gap between the popular GEO and the ETHA. The GTEK is also priced between the two paintball guns.

Planet Eclipse paintball markers – the features of the GTEK

The GTEK has integrated the new Gamma Core Bolt, it is a slimmed down version of the IV Core Bolt that is installed in the GEO. The working pressure of the GTEK is a good 135 PSI, which means that even extremely brittle paintballs can be played without any problems. No tools are required for servicing the GTek thanks to the bolt's Quick Release Bonnet.

The Planet Eclipse marker also has an SL4 regulator integrated into the front grip, which ensures constant working pressure. The main arguments for buying the paintball gun are that it is very robust and requires extremely little maintenance. For this reason, the GTEK is particularly suitable for beginners or for paintball players who like to be comfortable. In addition, thanks to the regulator, you can really use any common HP system that is available on the market. The regulator is designed in such a way that it can cope well with working pressures between 250 and 850 PSI.

For the electronics, Planet Eclipse has relied on the tried and tested and installed the same electronics as are used in the ETEK5. Also the display and the board is the same. But if you want, you can also have the OLED display retrofitted to the Planet Eclipse paintball marker . With barrel and batteries, the GTEK has a weight of 931g, which makes the paintball gun an absolute lightweight. Added to this is the easy handling of the paintball marker.

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