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Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100
Thursday April 4, 2019

The EMEK MG100 – The new MagFed marker from Planet Eclipse

At the end of 2018 , the new Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 was presented at the Paintball World Cup in Orlando, Florida. This is nothing less than the first real MagFed paintball marker from Planet Eclipse. As usual from Planet, nothing was left to chance with this new development and a powerful and robust MagFed marker with a great look was created based on the proven EMEK technology.

The new MagFed paintball marker from Planet Eclipse offers all of this

The scope of delivery and the listed product features are impressive. The Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 not only has an air stick with which Planet is breaking new ground for the first time, but also numerous other features that are impressive.

Of course you can also play the MG100 with a hopper. Planet designed them to be extra compatible with its new PAL Loader System. The PAL Loader is a pneumatically operated loader that is powered by the marker itself and does not require any external energy sources such as rechargeable batteries or batteries. A very interesting feature, especially for mechanical lovers. In addition, the system is very maintenance-free and not susceptible to faults!

The body kit is based on the well-known EMC kits of the ETHA2. These are very light and yet robust. They offer numerous rails for attaching accessories and sights. In addition, all M98 shoulder rests can be attached. The new body kit of the EMEK MG100 has been expanded to include a magwell so that the magazine can be fed into the body from below.

The most important thing comes at the end, the heart of the EMEK MG100 is the proven gamma core bolt, which the players already know from the EMEK. This is not only very air-efficient (up to 220 shots from a 0.2L bottle!), but also works trouble-free and quietly.

Which magazines fit into the EMEK MG100?

Planet Eclipse took an atypical approach when choosing the magazines for the MG100 and sat down at a table with one of the strongest competitors, namely Dye Paintball. The Dye DAM magazines are among the most popular, as they are the most trouble-free, magazines on the market and are both robust and inexpensive. Planet Eclipse has therefore decided to cooperate with Dye and simply uses Dye DAM Magazine for its EMEK MG100 marker .

However, according to the current state of information, the magazines will probably receive a small update in the "Followers" area. These are extended a bit to transport the paintballs even better into the body of the MG100 and to bridge a design-related distance on the housing. But there should also be an update for existing DAM magazines with which you can retrofit your existing mags. The retrofitted magazines will then work in both the EMEK MG100 and the DYE DAM.

When will the Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 be available to buy?

Unfortunately, not even the manufacturer can answer this question clearly at the moment. According to current statements, however, we expect to launch it on the market before the end of this year. Probably towards the end of the year. Of course we hope that it will be faster and that we can still get the marker and play it in the second half of the 2019 season.

How much does Planet Eclipse's EMEK MG100 cost?

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the exact selling price at the moment. As soon as we have information from the manufacturer here, we will of course be happy to keep you up to date.

Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 kaufen

All in all, the Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 is the MagFed new release of 2019 for us and will really teach the current top dogs like First Strike T15 and the Dye DAM to fear. As soon as we have a delivery date and the final price structure, you can of course (pre-)order the MG100 from us immediately.

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