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Thursday May 25, 2023

In this issue we again have a detailed product test on the latest innovations in the magazine. Planet Eclipse had already presented its new CS3 at the US World Cup at the end of last year. After some delays with the approval for the German market, the new high-end flagship from Planet Eclipse has now been available in stores for a few weeks. Reason enough for us to subject this new colored sword to a detailed product test. Let's get started with all the product features and details of the new Planet Eclipse CS3.

Planet Eclipse fans had to wait around three years for the new model of the CS marker series. With the CS3, the latest generation of the Planet Eclipse Spool Valve HighEnd paintball marker series was presented at the Paintball World Cup in Kissimmee, Florida, USA. This means that the old CS2 Pro is officially history as a predecessor model.

As with almost every new generation of markers from Planet Eclipse, the CS3 is also largely a completely new development. At Planet Eclipse you have to differentiate between new marker generations and upgrade versions. The CS1, the first variant of the CS marker series, came onto the market at the time. This was followed by the CS2 and about a year later the CS2 Pro. However, this was only an upgrade of the CS2 and not an independent new development. The situation is similar, e.g. B. the differences between LV1 and LV1.5 or LV1.6 and the recent jump to the brand new platform LV2. But this is just a side note for everyone who may not have been that familiar with the Planet Eclipse marker model series or their model names until now. Let's turn our attention back to the CS3. As already mentioned, the CS3 has been completely redesigned in large parts. It was based on the design of the previous models and it is still a spool valve marker, but that's actually where the similarities end. Inside and especially in terms of performance, Planet Eclipse has once again delivered and sets new standards in terms of performance with the CS3. The entire body has been redesigned and made even slimmer and lighter. The quick release bolt mechanism has been revised and improved again, so that maintenance of the marker is now even easier.

In addition, Planet has revised the frame of the marker. It is larger than all previous models and thus offers significantly more comfortable, ergonomic handling and more freedom of movement. The heart of the Planet Eclipse CS3 is the newly developed OP-Core bolt system, which not only works quieter and noticeably smoother than the previous model CS2, but Planet has also managed to tickle a whole 20% more air efficiency out of the marker. This is made possible by a volume chamber that is approx. 50% larger than its predecessor, which lowers the working pressure of the CS3 to an incredibly low 95-105 PSI (corresponds to approx. 6-7 bar). This leaves the CS3 far behind all previous models. That alone is an absolute selling point for all players who play in so-called "unlimited" series and leagues, but of course for everyone else who simply wants to have the maximum possible performance on the field in their hands. With the CS3 you can simply shoot significantly more paintballs from a tank filling.

The bolt system of the CS3 features the new Cure FT bolt with soft tip. The barrel is the already known from the LV2 S63 barrel system with a length of 14.5 inches. This is delivered with a .689 and a .685 PWR case. Additional sleeves with different diameters can be purchased as accessories in order to be able to adapt the barrel even better to all different paint diameters. Other features such as the FDD (Fully Decouple Drive), the ADD (Auto Dwell Dynamics), the tool-free grip shells and the new Low Profile POPS ASA adapter complete the package and make the new Planet Eclipse CS3 one of the currently best and most powerful paintball tournament markers at all.

Like all Planet Eclipse high-end markers, the CS3 is also delivered in a high-quality and stable aluminum hard-shell case with a zip. Inside you will find the marker, the two-piece barrel with PWR sleeves, a Planet Eclipse Allen key set, a tube of grease, a barrel sock, a spare parts set and the manual for the marker. As always, Planet Eclipse delivers quality at the highest level with the CS3. This marker is already fun to unpack and look at and is 100% convincing on the field at the latest. We have a clear buy recommendation at this point, because you simply can't go wrong with a CS3. She always performs at her best, the rest then depends on the skill of the player.

We wish all Planet fans and soon-to-be CS3 owners a lot of fun with this new high-end device and a successful tournament season.

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