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PBRack paintball pants
Friday September 29, 2017

PB Rack – The paintball pants with the special look

One thing is definitely clear, the paintball pants from PBRac k are definitely a real eye-catcher, and that's for purely optical reasons. The particularly tight cut on the calves makes these pants look more like old military pants than paintball tournament pants. Due to the special cut, the trousers are very comfortable to wear and fit well in the right places. The calves are well framed by the elastic cuffs, which means that the pants can hardly slip even when slides. At the same time, the thin, breathable material keeps your legs pleasantly cool, even in hot temperatures in midsummer and during strenuous games.

The PB Rack trousers have a high-quality finish – a comparison is worthwhile.

PBRack attaches particular importance to the selection of the materials used. The pants are made entirely of very high quality fabric. The thick pads on the knees are made of strong Kevlar fabric. This easily withstands even the hardest slides on very rough surfaces. The whole concept of the pants is designed for comfort and durability. In addition, there are of course the usual and very useful gimmicks in paintball such as barrel cleaner pockets, side pockets, a firm, elastic waistband, etc.

PBRack doesn't just offer pants…

Of course, the PBRack brand also offers other products for paintball sports. Recently you can buy battlepacks as well as gloves, jerseys and protectors from PB Rack. As a leading paintball shop in terms of product selection, we naturally offer you the complete range of all PB rack items. If you want to buy PBRack products, then the best way is to come to Paintball Sports.

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