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Paintballs – HK Army, the brand with the special style
Wednesday August 2, 2017

Paintballs from HK Army – This brand is just crazy!

The HK Army brand is usually known to most teams and players for its loud and brightly colored appearance. Anyone who has ever been a guest at a World Cup event or other major paintball tournaments in the USA has certainly not been able to avoid the HK Army sales stand with its loud music and the funky characters around the front figure Mr. H.

HK Army stands for lifestyle and fun in paintball sports. In addition, the brand never forgets its claim to innovation and quality when it comes to the development and production of its products.

This post is specifically about HK paintballs. From beginner ball to high-end tournament paintballs, there is something for everyone. There are a total of 4 varieties that can be divided into the quality levels Field, Premium and Tournament. Below we have put together a small overview for you, in which you will receive all information about the individual types of HK Army paintballs .

HK Army Paintballs – The range

HK Army paintballs are available in 4 different quality levels. Starting with the cheap training paintballs, up to the ultra-brittle paintball for tournaments, everything that the demanding player needs is included.

HK Army Select – Inexpensive paintballs for your training

This paint is the cheapest paintball in the HK Army collection. The shell is a bit firmer, the filling is thin but still clearly visible, and the flight behavior is solid in the middle. All in all a good paintball for training games in the team and recreational players with a smaller budget. HK_Army_Paintballs_Select

Premium Paintballs – HK Army Premier Paintballs

HK Army Premier paintballs have excellent flight behavior and can definitely keep up with tournament paintballs in many respects. Only the strength of the shell is higher with these paintballs, and the filling is not quite as viscous and glaringly bright as with high-end tournament paintalls.


HK Army Supreme – High End Paintballs for Tactical Markers & Cold Weather.

This paint is very close to high-end status. Filling and flight behavior are at the top level, only the shell is a good deal more stable than the high-end paintball HK Army Exclusiv . The shell is deliberately made thicker in order to be able to deliver these paintballs to two customer groups. On the one hand to tournament players who have to struggle with cold temperatures in the morning, where normal high-end paintballs would simply break in the marker and on the other hand to woodland players who would like to shoot a really good paint but often cannot because their marker is something is coarser than the paint. Due to the thicker shell, the problem of running bursts is minimized as much as possible and the ball is therefore perfectly adapted to the needs of these two groups of players.


Exclusive Paintballs – The best of the best from HK Army

This ball is the best that the company HK Army brings to the field. The shell is nice and round, the seams on the half shells are small and well made and the flight characteristics could not be better. The special tournament filling makes these paintballs so interesting. Hits can be seen from a great distance due to the thick, bright yellow. It is impossible for the marshal to overlook this on the field. HK Army Exclusiv is a pure tournament paintball that was developed exclusively for league operations and use in high-end markers.


Buy HK Army Paintballs at Paintball Sports. – We deliver quality.

As a paintball shop with the largest selection of paintballs in the German-speaking region, we naturally also supply you with branded paintballs from HK Army in all varieties, always fresh from the Hanover warehouse. By the way, we deliver HK Army paintballs to your home free of charge from 4 boxes of paintballs. This offer applies to our customers throughout Germany.

All paintballs are additionally repackaged for shipping and protected against damage. In the case of tournament paintballs, however, we generally advise every customer to pick up the paint directly on site to ensure the best possible quality.

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