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Paintballs from New Legion – quality at a low price!
Wednesday August 9, 2017

Paintballs from New Legion – one of the best-known brands in Germany

The paintballs of the New Legion brand are known throughout Germany among hobby, leisure and tournament paintballers and are in great demand.

Particularly noteworthy is the unbeatably good price-performance ratio. New Legion paintballs are usually around 20% cheaper than comparable paintballs from other brands, e.g.ProShar paintballs and paintballs from GI Sportz . Due to the large selection of different types, the paintballs from New Legion are guaranteed to offer the right product for every player and every budget.

New Legion Paintballs – China Paintballs under German sales management

What few players know is that New Legion paintballs are made in China. But what even fewer people know is that worldwide sales are handled by a German wholesaler and importer. He also holds the trademark rights to the New Legion products. This guarantees the customer a consistent and very high quality of these paintballs.

As a customer you can choose from over 10 types of paintballs!

Hardly any manufacturer of paintballs offers more than a handful of different types. New Legion, on the other hand, is one of the few brands that really specializes in the complete range. From field paint to high-end paintballs and special variants and sizes, everything that the demanding paintball player needs for his hobby is included.

New Legion Field Paintballs – Moped, Attack and One.

There are currently 3 labels under which New Legion sells its field paintballs. These are the two in-house brands Attack and One, as well as the Mofa brand, which is manufactured for a large German field operator and its tournament team.


New Legion Attack Nature – Clean paintballs, for the love of the environment

These paintballs have a slightly different formula than the simple, and slightly cheaper, field paintballs. The filling has a significantly higher PEG 400 content and therefore leaves fewer residues. This simply makes subsequent cleaning easier for the pitch operator.


New Legion Hail – 100% PEG Paintballs

These New Legion Hail paintballs are made of 100% PEG filling with a normal, fully biodegradable gelatine cover. These paintballs decompose within a few hours in wind and weather on the field. NEW_LEGION_PAINTBALLS_HAIL_FIELD

Thunder Paintballs & Tornado Paintballs – Premium quality from New Legion.

The brands New Legion Tornado and New Legion Thunder belong to the premium segment of New Legion. Both have top flight characteristics, have a clearly visible filling and reliably break on the target. The only difference between the two varieties is the firmness of the shell. NEW_Legion_Paintballs_THUNDERNEW_Legion_Paintballs_TORNADO

New Legion Ultimate & Ultra Pro – Tournament paintballs for professionals

These two types are the high-end segment of the New Legion paintballs. The two varieties have been developed for competitive athletes and have super hard-to-wipe fillings and a very brittle shell. The flight behavior of these balls is so good that you can still achieve good hits at 40 to 50 meters. The New Legion Ultimate Paintballs have a slightly firm shell, making them suitable for morning games and colder temperatures. The Ultra Pro paintballs are then available for the rest of the day. New_Legion_Paintballs_ULTIMATE_PRONew_Legion_Paintballs_PRO

New Legion UFO – Paintballs for night games

These are special paintballs for night games . These bullets can be irradiated with UV light and then glow in flight like a tracer bullet. A cool effect for all night and twilight games. NEW_Legion_Paintballs_UFO

New Legion Attack Zero – paintballs for kids

cal 50 paintballs from New Legion have been developed mainly for the new kids paintball markers. They are significantly smaller than normal Cal. 68 paintballs and therefore also much less dangerous because they transfer less energy. NEW_Legion_Paintballs_KIDS_ZERO_CAL_50

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