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Paintball tournament sport in Hanover & Lower Saxony
Monday March 5, 2018

Paintball League play in Hanover & Lower Saxony

We are often asked where you can start playing paintball as a newcomer in the Hanover area. We often receive inquiries from newcomers to tournament sports who want to know, for example, where they can find a team they can join or where the best tournament fields in the region are.

What very few know: Lower Saxony, and especially the immediate vicinity of Hanover, is full of first-class league pitches for all common formats, leagues and series. As a tournament newcomer, you are really in good hands in Hanover.

Paintball field Hanover – The highlights

Hanover is full of lots of highlights when it comes to league paintball. You can reach one of the current tournament fields in just 20-45 minutes by car in any direction. We've put together a list of the best fields for you and tell you what's going on locally in terms of tournament paintball.

Paintball tournament sport in Hildesheim – the DPL is a guest here.

AtPaintball Battlefields in Hildesheim, players will find 8 large, very inviting paintball fields. Two of them are equipped with the current layout of the DPL or Paintball Milleniumseries / NXL. Here you can really let off steam as a league player. The facility is big, modern and there are a lot of other players and teams on site. Newcomers will certainly quickly find a connection here.

In summer, the DPL district league and national league are also held here.

P2 Leese – The XSeries location in the north

In the north you will find, for example, the paintball field of P2 in Leese . The X-Series takes place there every year. Leese has a Millenium / NXL playing field in the original size and is in the process of building a second tournament field for 2018. This offers all tournament players first-class training opportunities and guarantees that the league and competitions run smoothly on site.

The XSeries is the smaller paintball league in Germany. However, Leese is one of the strongest locations of the XSeries in Germany, so as a player you are definitely in good hands here. The league coordinators on site are experienced tournament players themselves and are happy to help newcomers with their first steps in tournament sports.

Frontline Paintball Bremen – location of the DPL 3rd Bundesliga & Regionalliga

The Frontline paintball field is not entirely in Hanover, but it is one of the locations where many Hanoverian teams cavort. The reason for this is the high level of play, since Frontline in Bremen not only plays the lower leagues such as DPL Landesliga and DPL Bezirksliga, but also some match days of the regional league and the 3rd Bundesliga. So if you venture into the more professional area of paintball sports in the north, you will definitely spend one or the other training session and of course a few days of play on this field.

The Frontline Paintball field in Bremen also regularly offers team clashes, in which 4-8 teams compete against each other on a professional basis in a kind of training tournament. You can hardly train better and more professionally in the north without having to travel long distances.

Adrenalinpart Porta – League Sport all year round!

In the south-west, at Porta Westfalica, you will also find a paintball field. The Adrenalin Park Porta awaits you here with 2 indoor and 2 outdoor playing fields. This facility is currently the only one in the Hanover area where you can train for tournaments all year round. There is a large tournament field with an up-to-date layout both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the DPL district league, state league and association league are held in Porta. There is something for all beginners and mid-range teams.

The field is run by "Ottek", a very experienced Paintball Euro referee who has years of tournament experience himself. As a newcomer, you can certainly pick up one or the other tip from experienced professionals.

As far as our little overview of the paintball fields in Hanover and the surrounding area where you can play league. Each of the pitches mentioned is unique in its own way and we can recommend it with a clear conscience, as we have been there several times ourselves and have even taken part in a league on most pitches.

So you see, Hanover and Lower Saxony have a lot to offer when it comes to tournament sports. The perfect area for all newcomers and anyone interested in league paintball. If you have any questions about league sports, the DPL or XSeries or you want to start a team and are looking for support, then feel free to contact our employees in the Paintball Sports Shop the next time you make a purchase. We are always happy to help and support the youngsters where we can.

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