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Paintball Team Sponsoring – Winning with Paintball Sports
Wednesday October 4, 2017

The new Paintball Sports Team Sponsorship Program

For a long time we thought about how to get some fresh wind into the tournament scene and how we can best motivate our support teams. In the end, the solution was very simple, success must simply be worth it again!

Who can say of themselves and their team that they have ever really won something in paintball? Hardly anyone, and certainly not in the lower leagues of tournament sports. Of course there are a few nice non-cash prizes to be won at one or the other fun tournament, but these usually only go to the big, strong teams with years of experience. Because let's be honest, some pro team can be found on every little fun cup to scoop up the prizes.

This should be over now! Paintball Sports is now offering its support teams the option of performance-related sponsorship, in which the team not only receives the usual discounts on their equipment, but we also give you painballs if you play successfully. You are currently not guaranteed to get such sponsorship from any other dealer / provider.


We sponsor your paintball team – even in the district league!

Regardless of whether your team is playing for the German championship in the DPL or is fighting for points further down in the district league, we support your team and sponsor you with prizes and free paint if you are successful. Not only does the winner get a bonus from us, the runner-up doesn't go away empty-handed either. And it's that easy…

After a successful league day, simply send us an email with the following content:

1. Photo of your team from the award ceremony (with jersey and our banner)

2. Short photo of the current table or the match day results (a link is also sufficient)

3. Post your success on your team page (homepage / Facebook) and link Paintballsports.de

You will then receive your prize money from us in the form of free training and tournament paint. You have the choice depending on whether you play in an FPO or BYO league.

Free paint for your team – our prizes


Become a Paintball Sports Team now and get a sponsorship contract for the 2018 season

All league teams can now apply to us for team sponsorship. Our support structure is clearly defined and we disclose all numbers transparently for you, just contact us. The higher your team plays, the higher the discounts for the items in our online shop, and the higher the prize money if you play a successful season.

Since we value professionalism, each team naturally receives an official sponsorship contract that must be signed by all team members. All discounts and prizes are recorded therein. This gives you the guarantee that you will receive your rewards at the end.

In return, this contract is also a safeguard for us as a sponsoring partner, because teams that play for Paintball Sports also have certain obligations. If you want to have the full sponsoring program, you have to be prepared to appear professionally to us. We expect that we are the only sponsor / supporter from the paintball dealer / manufacturer Brange for your team.

Become a prestigious manufacturer team with Paintball Sports.

Not only do we offer your team the chance to win good prizes and bonuses, we can also put you in touch with the really big names in the industry. Who doesn't know them, the big teams from the Bundesliga, who all appear uniformly dressed in Dye or Empire equipment.

As a paintball specialist shop with many years of experience, we have good contacts with all well-known manufacturers in the scene and can also get you interesting team deals as part of our support. This is another big step towards more success and a stronger appearance of your team. After all, it makes quite an impression when you suddenly step onto the field dressed from head to toe in a uniform team outfit and hold all the latest equipment from a popular top brand in your hands. The team opposite will definitely be impressed, we can promise you that much.

If we have aroused your interest and your team would like to start the new season with a paintball team sponsorship from Paintball Sports, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Here you go directly to the CONTACT FORM FOR TEAM SPONSORSHIPS

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