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Paintball Sports Premium Training Paintballs – NEW
Thursday June 4, 2020

Paintball Sports now also has its own paintballs in its range!

It took a long time and we really didn't take the decision to take this step lightly. But from now on we have our own paint. The new paintball sports training paintballs offer quality that is otherwise only used from high-quality and significantly more expensive premium paintballs.

Paintball Sports paintballs offer a top price-performance ratio.

One thing is for sure, the product bears our name and our company logo, so we stand behind it with our name. Accordingly, our demands were high in advance of the development of this product. We wanted a paintball that we can sell to our customers with a clear conscience as a high-quality all-round ball, without the quality falling by the wayside or the price going beyond the scope. In any case, the result convinced us all along the line and so we can really offer you the new Paintball Sports Training Paintballs with a good feeling and at a great price.

What can the new Paintball Sports Paint do?

After numerous tests of our new Paintballsports training paintballs , we can say that the paint is definitely worth the money in all respects. The balls fly straight even at long distances and deliver a good shot pattern. The shell is designed in such a way that the paintballs can be easily shot with any marker. At the same time, the color reliably breaks on the opponent. Some of our paint testers have even compared the quality to GI 3-Star paintballs. We are of course honored by that, as we believe the 3-Star is a really good all-round ball in the premium segment.

We deliberately wrote training paintballs on our box because this ball is the first in the Paintball Sports Paint range and forms the basis. Under this quality standard there will be no paint that bears our name. Neither now nor in the future. Even if this paint is really a good premium paint in terms of quality, filling, flight and breakage behavior, we call it Field or Training Paint.

Paintball Sports Paintballs – What's Next?

Of course we have many more ideas on the subject of paintballs . But it must also be said very clearly that the paint market is not only highly competitive in terms of price, but that it is also difficult to offer consistently good quality. The price pressure on the market is causing more and more problems for the individual manufacturers from year to year. We definitely want our own tournament paint for the future and maybe other varieties like apaintball sports winter paint . Whether and when there will be is currently still in the stars, because one thing is clear, the quality of these varieties must be just as good and convincing as that of our new training paintballs. Otherwise we wouldn't sell them under our good name, you can count on that.

We hope that the new product will convince you as much as we do. We look forward to any constructive criticism and any honest feedback on our new training paintballs. And now we wish you a lot of fun testing and shooting the new color.

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